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AI for the love of nature

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A new intelligent platform

National Geographic is well known for its breathtaking photography. Every year the company also organizes a contest where everyone can submit their photos of landscapes, animals and people. We created the platform where photographers can submit their photos.

Better results for both Photographers & National Geographic

Different users experienced friction when uploading and judging the photos. We invented and built a new service, using AI and intuitive workflow to save a lot of time and realize ease of use. We built a highly usable and scalable platform, for the three main target groups. Amateur and professional photographers, jury members and photography enthousiasts.

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Recognition for the best digital interactive work in the Netherlands

The National Geographic Photo contest platform is Official DIA nominee (Dutch Interactive Awards). The Dutch Interactive Awards (DIA) are the prizes for the very best interactive work by Dutch makers. The DIA presents a Gold and Silver award to the most prominent agencies and clients. And we're in the race for one with this project. So fingers crossed!

DIA nominee
Canon Camera lens view. National Geographic photo contest user interface visuals. Canon Camera into the lens view.
Ice cave shot by Canon Camera.

Enriching photo content with real data

In the solution, artificial intelligence contributes optimally to enriching and facilitating the user experience on the platform, for the aforementioned users. Photos submitted are analyzed in real time for EXIF metadata. Ease of use for photographers, because the metadata no longer has to be added manually. And an extra content layer for the jury to review and categorize photos.

With Cognitive Services Computer Vision API, based on photo content, automatically enriching tags are added to photos. Before it was up to the jury, artificial intelligence filtered potentially harmful or offensive photos from the submissions. Which reduced the amount of photos and judged time for the jury by 27%.

Coast line shot by Canon Camera.
Old school Canon Camera.

An innovative success

Weekly data and statistics monitoring is used to optimeze the user flow. More than 25% more than the target. Within the project, various complex user stories of the mentioned target groups are optimally served with one platform. A custom service solution that National Geographic can use for years to come. And more importantly would also like to continue.

12.530 Photos added
to the contest
25% More qualitative
20% Less work
for the judges
Modern Canon Camera.

Built on our beloved Umbraco CMS

We think that Umbraco is the friendliest and one of the most flexible CMS solutions out there. Umbraco is an open-source, content management system (CMS) with no fuss and no limitations. It allows us to create great websites without design limitations.

No Licence fee, so great for business owners. Super flexible, so great for content managers. And without any creative restrictions, so perfect for your audience too.

Do you want to know more about the possibilities of Umbraco for your website? Click here

We also had our shot at some awards!

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