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Gold is an excellent colour for everyone. But especially when it's in combination with one of the most flexible and favourite content management systems.

DotControl & Umbraco

Umbraco is a content management system (CMS) built on Microsoft .Net technology. It's a system with no fuss and no limitations. Right now Umbraco is the friendliest and one of the most flexible CMS out there.

The open-source CMS allows our team to create any website without a lot of design limitations and set up dynamic websites. Even for our smallest clients. And with their active community of developers all over the world, we are able to create anything we set our minds to. Simply because Umbraco has the friendliest community out there.

Why we love Umbraco

Best content manager experience
Umbraco is a modern, fresh-faced interface and nicknamed ‘the friendliest CMS’. Our clients can quickly implement and manage their own content without a developer.

Ultimate creative freedom
Any project we create with the Umbraco CMS can be tailored to fit any need our clients may have. The CMS gives us complete creative freedom.

With the Umbraco CMS, it's easy to expand your website and stay within the same CMS. Because, over time, your company might grow and require a more complex website.

Open-source CMS
This means that with Umbraco, we always have access to the source code. So, no need to pay license fees.

As a Umbraco Gold Partner, we have a direct lifeline into the Umbraco HQ support team.

What it means to be a Gold partner

Our team of Umbraco certified developers is trained and certified to create top-notch websites with the Umbraco CMS.

Being a Umbraco Gold partner has its perks:

  • A spot at the Umbraco Gold Partner Academy. Meaning our developers' skills are always up to date.
  • We have a direct lifeline into Umbraco HQ, where a dedicated support team will always be ready to help.
  • We have access to architectural advising and code reviews. On any project, we start using Umbraco.

The proof is in the pudding

You could take our word for it, but we would much rather just show you. Because as they say, the proof is in the pudding. Umbraco had been our go-to CMS-system for a while, and in that time we have built quite a few cases we are really proud of. Go check some of our best Umbraco-built projects and see for yourself what we can create.

National Geographic Photo Contest

Umbraco Award winner 2019, category ‘’Best New Tech’’

"In 2018, National Geographic, in collaboration with DotControl, completely renewed the website of the National Geographic Photo Contest. It was a challenging project in which the CMS had to comply with complex user stories for different types of users. The end result: a very nice website and tailor-made Umbraco CMS that the entire team is proud of!"

Dorien Beckers, Digital Product Manager, Fox Network Group

Quote marks

The intuitive and user-friendly interface makes it easy for everyone in our organisation to update the website content. This has led to wider support and ownership of the website, which has contributed to efficiency and daily content improvement. In short, Umbraco has helped us take our website to the next level.’’

– Jelle Hoogveen, Priva

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