Through one platform we can realise sustainable supply chains

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Transparently better

SourceUp links sustainable supply chain sources with interested parties. By sharing data that companies know is relevant and accurate, SourceUp increases the transparency and quality of information available, making it easier for companies to take sourcing decisions that fulfil their sustainably ambitions and are ultimately better for all of us.

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A breakthrough for all parties

SourceUp has provided a breakthrough for all parties in a supply chain. Previously, producers and suppliers lacked a credible platform on which to showcase their products. While buyers were struggling to source materials they could be confident were produced under appropriate conditions by suppliers and regions committed to continually improving their practices.

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Quality research = Quality UX

The user experience was a priority for SourceUp. So we first conducted some 15 interviews with key players in the supply chain, from compact sellers to sustainability managers and from Indonesia to Brazil.

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Created for users with users

Drawing on the interviewees’ input on their challenges and requirements, we developed wireframes that we used during some 15 user tests to then build a data-driven backlog of meticulously-prioritised features. Since then, we have regularly run further user tests so we can continue to finetune the platform to meet the users’ evolving needs.

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Easy to upkeep,
easy to upscale

The SourceUp platform was created using innovative Next.js technology to provide a smooth, easy-maintenance user experience. This is backed by microservices built with .NET Core, OutSystems and Umbraco CMS that make the platform strong and scalable.
The result is a system that’s both user-friendly and a breeze to expand as and when the platform grows.

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