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Low-Code Hyper acceleration of Digital Transformation

For Digital Transformation you need a development environment that accelerates development speed. Especially in a post-COVID world you need to hyper accelerate your Digital Transformation. This is where Low-Code comes into play and OutSystems simply gives you the optimal combination of Low-Code speed of development while still offering full control and extensibility where needed.

The three main reasons why we’re a fan of OutSystems Low-Code

  • Hyper Accelerator for Digital Transformation
  • Create unique, rich customer experiences
  • Endless Extensibility with Microsoft .NET, React(ive) Web Apps, API’s, AI services and Mobile Apps
  • DotControl and OutSystems

OutSystems & DotControl are a match made in heaven. Both DotControl & OutSystems are built on Microsoft .NET Technology. This means you will truly have the best of both worlds: Unprecedented speed of development enabled by OutSystems, combined with possibility of harnessing DotControl’s years of experience on the Microsoft .NET platform for endless customizations and extensibility.

Why we love OutSystems

Obviously the most heard advantage of a Low-Code platform is improved efficiency/speed of developing features. OutSystems development is actually that fast (think a factor of 2 to 4 times) you need to use a slightly adopted version of Scrum to be able to cope with this speed from a product owner/project manager point of view. Instead of wasting smart development “resources” on tedious, repetitive tasks, you can let people focus on what matters most: providing end users with unique, rich customer experiences.

DotControl has traditionally has both strong technical as well a strategic/creative roots. Most Low-Code platforms lead to a “thirteen in a dozen” crappy Look&Feel with limited customization options. OutSystems however literally has endless customization and extensibility options, the only limitation is your imagination. On the other hand, thanks to OutSystems Design System, your Applications already look amazing out of the box. This ensures a consistent brand experience across all customer journeys. So speed and consistency for your applications, while you can focus efforts on specific customer journeys. Again, the best of both worlds.

OutSystems development is actually so intuitive, everyone can learn how to do it by following a few of the online courses, provided for free by OutSystems. Imagine everyone in your organization becoming capable of developing their own applications, exactly like they want/need it. That’s what you call citizen development! On the other hand, OutSystems luckily also provides you with tooling and permissions to make sure your application landscape doesn’t turn in an unmanageable mess.

With security and privacy being a very hot topic, it’s nice to be rest assured that OutSystems has OWASP and ISO27001 built in to the core of their service offering.

Most Low-Code platforms entail some sort of Vendor lock in. Vendor lock in is very undesirable for software that forms the foundation of your digital organization. Since OutSystems generates a Microsoft .NET Application “under the hood”, this means you can export your Low-Code application and not only run but even continue development on it independently of OutSystems.

OutSystems has been consecutively named a Leader by Gartner in their magic quadrants. Not only in the Enterprise Low-Code Quadrant, but also in the Multi-Experience Quadrant. OutSystems is much more than just a Low-Code Development Environment, it’s a full-service offering spanning web, mobile and Api and AI services as well as an ecosystem suite of tools for monitoring the health your Low-Code applications.

OutSystems is not free. The licensing model is based on the number of internal and external users. Licensing does not only include access to the OutSystems Integrated Development Environment but also includes CI/CD environments, scalable cloud hosting of your applications and health monitoring of your application landscape. An OutSystems subscriptions means you can build and host a virtually unlimited number of applications. With OutSystems you can rapidly rebuild your existing applications in matters of days/weeks. This probably means you can save a lot on legacy application hosting and maintenance.


We are official OutSystems Partner

In order to demonstrate our continued dedication to the OutSystems platform DotControl choose to pursue becoming an OutSystems official Partner. As one of the requirements of the very strict OutSystems Partner selection, DotControl has multiple certified OutSystems Developers. The rapid development cycle of OutSystems also requires an adopted scrum/agile to keep up with the pace of features. Our experienced Scrum Masters will make sure your Low-Code project will have a MVP and quick time to market.

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