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Low-Code hyper acceleration of digital transformation

Low-code is a software development approach which extremely accelerates development speed. This is crucial especially for businesses undergoing digital transformation.

We develop low-code projects on OutSystems platform. As an official OutSystems partner we have a team of certified OutSystems Developers and experienced Scrum Masters ensuring solid MVP delivery and quick time to market.

Why we love OutSystems Low-Code


  • 2-4 times faster project delivery
  • Create unique, rich customer experiences
  • Endless extensibility with Microsoft .NET, React(ive) Web Apps, API’s, AI services and Mobile Apps
  • Consistent brand experience across all customer journeys thanks to OutSystems design system
  • Tooling and permissions to make sure your application landscape doesn’t turn in an unmanageable mess.
  • Full security and privacy compliance (OWASP and ISO27001 built in to the core of their service offering)
  • OutSystems has been consecutively named a Leader by Gartner in their magic quadrants.

Why DotControl & OutSystems?


OutSystems & DotControl are a match made in heaven. Both DotControl & OutSystems are built on Microsoft .NET Technology. This means you will truly have the best of both worlds:

Unprecedented speed of development enabled by OutSystems and possibility of harnessing DotControl’s years of experience on the Microsoft .NET platform for endless customizations and extensibility.

As one of the requirements of the very strict OutSystems Partner selection, DotControl has multiple certified OutSystems Developers. The rapid development cycle of OutSystems also requires an adopted scrum/agile to keep up with the pace of features. Our experienced Scrum Masters will make sure your Low-Code project will have an MVP and quick time to market.

What do we offer?


  • We provide full service from strategy, to design & development of low-code projects.
  • Data-driven & iterative process, full end-to-end controling and monitoring, regular reporting.
  • We’re one of the few agencies that deliver integrated customer journeys and immersive experiences for your low-code projects.
  • A dedicated team of talented developers and scrum masters to deliver your project as soon as possible and with the highest quality.
  • A dedicated team of growth marketers to provide you with strategic business & marketing advice to get the most value out of your platform.
  • SEO, ASO, content development, platform promotion and much more.

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