A mission to Give colour to ambitions

How we show DV is a frontrunner in the construction industry

Dura Vermeer has been around for 165 years. A lot has changed since their birth in the mid 1800’s. They grew bigger and expanded to multiple operating companies, each with their own specialty/division. With so much history behind DV, our challenge was to show a united front and a platform that brings their work, ambitions and people together.


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More than just an executed construction company

Dura Vermeer has many projects, and it is important that they showcase their work in a proud way. They want people to know that they are not just an established construction company, but that they are involved from the moment an idea comes to life. From ideation to construction, Dura Vermeer is there every step of the way.

We came up with a unique way of highlighting projects by building it them up from a simple line drawing to the end result, emphasising all the work that went into the project.

Dura Vermeer project render

A flexible component based platform

Dura Vermeer has a lot of ambitions. Whether it is their next project, helping employees grow, or their vision for the next 165 years: Dura Vermeer will always stand for sustainability, innovation, safety and digitalisation.

Therefore, the design of the website needed to be flexible, which is why we went with a component-based set up that is easy to use on mobile and desktop. This way, the client has a lot of freedom to re-use components and create unique stories on every page.

Dura Vermeer components
Dura Vermeer mobile

Teamwork leads to better solutions

Every sprint, growth hackers, designers and developers worked together closely. We also had a great team on the Dura Vermeer side, with a hands-on Product Owner.

This way, we came up with the best solutions that were suitable for each specific device.

Dura Vermeer mobile

Using research to design based on data

Our Growth hackers, from RockBoost, joined the team to do data research and enable our designers to create the best possible setup for our end-users. This allowed us to prevent problems before building something that was not right for the end-user.

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One of the best digital agencies for a large organization like Dura Vermeer.

“I’m very proud of the many digital projects we built together with DotControl & RockBoost. Our new corporate website, a solid template for our project websites and all further optimisations we build on top of that. The ideas, presentation and performance of DotControl & RockBoost always stand out. They’re one of the best digital agencies for large organizations.“

Robine de Graaf Manager Corporate Communications at Dura Vermeer

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