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Action speaks louder than words Pension news on the move

An eye-opening mobile first corporate platform

As being the front runner of pension fund providers APG has great power and a responsibility to secure our (financial) future. For all generations to come. Their vision of our world should not only inspire and influence other investors but also the working society.

We've created a mobile-first corporate platform that offers eye-opening content for all stakeholders to participate informed in the ever-lasting pension debate.

Pension, accessible for everyone

The new platform engages with the total width of the target audience by offering an interaction pattern that accommodates all stakeholders and their own ways of news consumption. Whether they are in to get to know every nitty-gritty detail of a collection or just want to tap through the summary highlights as snackable content.

From now on, everyone can actively participate in the pension debate.

Modestly, outspoken

APG is known for its somewhat introvert character backed-up with their vocally expressed vision and actions. We're revitalized their digital identity and made sure to show their deep-rooted and distinctive character while maintaining the brand's authority.

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Never a dead-end

Pension is one big puzzle. Unless you provide the right direction towards the big picture. And that's exactly what we've done. With smart and manageable related content APG's platform provides continuous exploration on the go.

Putting in the emotion by motion

We've created a motion language that humanizes APG's corporate expression. Made to fit their identity as well as being functionally supportive on every device.

Two platforms, one shared component library

Consistency is key. Especially if you want to e acnowledged as an innovative and socially-concerned emplyer brand. With having a clear, consistent atomic design system in place we secured APG's digital identity during the development of tis recruitment platform.

Creatively portrayed illustrations

The platforms illustrations are created by Life of Jupiter that strengthened the whole new look and feel, keeping every visual decision consistend throughout the platform.

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DotControl translates our new positioning and visual identity

"into a well thought-out design concept that has been consistently implemented, and really comes to life. We also see that our reach has grown and our content is being picked up externally, making more impact."

Levien Houweling Senior Communications Advisor

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