Side hustles: Plug-in play with Liam

When you have a team filled with passionate people, wanting to create and improve, there is always talk about side hustles. You know, the awesome illustration you made in the weekend, how cool will it be on a T-shirt? Or the geeky thing you did to make your home even smarter than it already was.

For Liam, one of his side hustles is the incredible plug-ins he's crafting for Figma. It's not long since Figma started to integrate plugins, but the community of people wanting to contribute to it, is growing. So Liam is now the proud owner of Figmotion, a plug-in that lets you animate your screens. Real-time. And together with Unsplash he created a plug-in that makes it very easy to get beautiful stock images in your designs. Both plug-ins are being used by more than 200k creative people. Are you part of the Figma community? Check them out here.


An update since we made the video: Liam has already created a third awesome plug-in called Paddet. This one automatically applies padding to frames, so everything is nice and neat.

Here is his story.