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In 2022, we introduced a fresh new platform and revamped brand for de Nationale Bioscoopbon. And what a time it has been! Together with Selmore we were awarded with multiple industry awards and recognitions. As introduced, the website was a fully focused business to consumer platform. Offering people the opportunity to gift a unique and personalized experience. This tasted like more..

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Continuous improvement

The initial launch of the revamped Bioscoopbon exclusively catered to consumers, provided them with the exciting ability to gift a personalized digital gift card. This innovative experience allows users to incorporate a movie theme, stickers, GIFs, and heartfelt messages—making it an ideal present for your closest friends, parents-in-law, cousins, you name it.

When working with our clients we love to challenge their existing product and see how we can make it even better. Last year, in close collaboration with Selmore, we were able to expand their existing business proposition. Resulting in deep diving into the available data and uncovering the needed steps towards expanding the platform to a b2b proposition and fitting user flow.

Uncovering a new opportunity

In the corporate realm, occasions such as birthdays, weddings, holidays, special thank you and more, often call for thoughtful gifts. However, finding the perfect gift isn't always a breeze. Nationale Bioscoopbon knew that businesses were also fans of their product and ordering giftcards for their teams, employees or colleagues. 

However, the platform's user flow was primarily designed with consumers in mind. This meant that businesses seeking to place orders had to go through client service or the existing consumer-focused flow, which was far from ideal. Armed with the idea to tailor to this audience, we jointly seized the opportunity to find out how we can serve the corporate clients.

Discovery phase

Time to ask the question behind the question. In the discovery phase we got together with the client to map out all their wishes and needs. A crucial step in our process. When those were defined, we investigated whether the client already had data available which we could use. Nationale Bioscoopbon had quite some data available for us to dive into. The goal in this phase was to come up with fitting ideas to tailor to this audience and lay-out a corresponding roadmap. 

Diving into the data

The target audience for the business section is different than the users for the consumer flow. This likely means there are different user needs. Research was needed to determine whether this assumption was valid. Qualitative in-dept user interviews uncovered that the business user wished to make it personal in a way. As well as they needed to be able to make the gift cards in just a few clicks.

The existing consumer experience, based on movie themes, did not serve these needs. We had to design an experience with personalized giving reasons tailored to the business environment. The data of the interviews uncovered the following wishes for these giving reasons, with the option to gift it to all employees, a single employee or a specific team:


  • To thank someone
  • To congratulate someone
  • Wishing happy holidays
  • Wishing good luck
  • “Especially for you”

Loooping from design to development

Collaborating across various disciplines within our Looopmodel, we blend the power of data and strategy to transition into the creativity phase. Teaming up with Selmore, we embarked on a journey to reimagine the user experience for the business users within the platform.

The design and development team worked in tandem to bring this vision to life, infusing the new design seamlessly onto the landing page, accompanied by an alternative flow. While the consumer flow is laser-focused on enhancing the user experience, our attention shifted to the business user, prioritizing their ultimate advantage: time efficiency.

Our primary goal in crafting this new flow was to enable swift and seamless creation of gift cards. Which is as easily created for one employee as for hundreds. Each card comes with a touch of surprise, offers company branding, and can be ordered in no more than five minutes. No more distribution hassle, intricate personalization, financial complexities, but a smooth and efficient process.

Campaigning the perfect holiday gift

The time leading up to the holidays was the perfect moment to get the product to its intended audience. Our marketing department set-up a multiple layer social campaign strategy to reach businesses looking for a christmas gift. The popping ad assets created by Selmore were a smashing hit. Resulting in a 25% increase in revenue within the new flow, as opposed to the business orders last year.


Increase in B2B Revenue

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