Social Advertising

In the dynamic landscape of digital marketing, harnessing the potential of social advertising has never been more crucial. Are you ready to propel your brand to new heights on platforms like Meta (Facebook & Instagram), TikTok, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube? If you're seeking a transformational strategy that not only drives performance but also aligns seamlessly with your business objectives, you've come to the right place.

From killer strategy to flawless campaign execution 

Do you want to reach your target audience on social platforms such as Meta (Facebook & Instagram), TikTok, Pinterest or LinkedIn? But you have no clue where and how to start? Or are your current campaigns just not converting as expected? 

We understand this and have seen this numerous times. We know social advertising can make all the difference in your digital marketing strategy. That’s why we've made it our mission to focus on effective campaigns for branding and performance to achieve the desired results in a cost-effective way. All the way from strategy to campaign execution. 

Our approach

  1. Account audit

    We get to know more about your historic data, current performance and see where there’s room for optimization. From quick wins to bigger, strategic improvements. If you’re completely new to the social channel, we’ll of course set your account from the ground up.  
  1. Measurement setup

    Data is at our core and that’s why we understand that tracking the data of your campaigns is key. This is where we often see it go wrong. We see incomplete or no (!) measurement setup for the social channels. (e.g. Meta’s Conversion API). Incomplete data guarantees underperforming campaigns and budget being spent at random. Therefore, we’ll make sure your measurement setup is ready before running those winner campaigns.      
  1. Set a goal (One Metric That Matters) and formulate a strategy that fits with your overall business goals

    This includes campaign, audience, and creative strategy. We specifically mention creative strategy because it’s such a vital part of social advertising. We also advise on what kind of budget will get your ads optimally served to your target audience.  
  1. Planning and roadmap

    Together we look at your marketing calendar. We advise on what kind of campaigns should be set up and when according to your budget per period. 
  1. Execute the campaign

    We roll out the campaign and schedule it on time so "review time" by the platform does not overlap with your go-live date.  
  1. Monitoring & optimization

    When the campaign is live, we ensure it’s being closely monitored. Depending on the duration of the campaign we plan moments for optimization. Are the funnel specific KPI’s performing according to benchmark?  
  1. Reporting

    Depending on your preference, we provide a periodical campaign report where we analyze and report on relevant KPI’s. We include actionable insights and next steps to keep traction.  

What makes our approach different? 

As Growth Marketing experts we understand the importance of the full customer journey (AAARRR). We don’t simply isolate a channel. That’s why we also look at what potential impact social advertising can have within the whole customer journey and how it contributes to the overall digital marketing and/or e-commerce performance. Rather than just making sure the channel will perform well on its own. We believe this approach is much more durable. 

In short 

Our Growth team can help you with social advertising for platforms such as:  

  • Meta, TikTok, Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube.  

Where they: 

  • Create a tailor-made social advertising strategy based on a clear and measurable goal (OMTM) that corresponds to your business goals 

  • Create a measurement setup so we can gather complete data sets and optimize your campaigns for success 
  • Execute (theme based and/or always-on) campaigns with grounded advice in choice of targeting and ad types.  

  • Create a campaign roadmap that corresponds with your marketing calendar and budget.   

  • Create campaign reports with analysis and actionable insights including next steps to keep traction 

  • Training: along the way our specialists will train you and your team to understand and take full advantage of all the benefits social advertising has to offer (if desired of course)