Strategy & Implementation

Strategy is the glue that sticks missions and vision to everything that circles around it. This stretches from operations to finance, and from sales to brick and mortar stores. A clear strategy is like measuring a pulse. Understanding slow and fast moments. And how this is affected by internal events, as well as external events. Without a clear strategy it is hard to really grasp what you are aiming for.

Our approach 

For us strategy is setup in a standardized way of working. A clear strategy should be all means be sustainable. Meaning that inputs are directly generated by created outputs. We enable this by having a clear onboarding where the current strategy is discussed across the team. Is everybody aligned? Does everybody know how the product current grows and evolves. Making sure that everybody speaks the same language.


What we offer

After the onboarding and the concept of strategy, the next step is to determine clear focus, what are currently the easiest, hardest, most impactful, least impactful things to solve. And is it possible to make a objective and clear comparison which trajectory the business should grow. Without clear focus, or a scattered approach, it is extremely hard to succeed in the (growth) challenges that have been pinpointed.