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As the saying goes, “When you assume, you make an… out of you and me”, the quote we live by. As there is no room for assumptions, all decisions should be based on data. And in order to have that data, you need to start measuring.

Measurement is key 

If you succeed in reaching some target, but you didn’t measure everything you did, you don’t know what it was that led to success. Conversely, if you fail at something, without measurement you won’t be able to avoid the same mistake next time.

Due to the increasing use of tools that block cookies and data-requests to analytics tools, marketers and businesses are struggling more than ever to fully understand the customer journey. By implementing server-side tracking in a sustainable way, we can help you obtain a complete and accurate picture of your users, while ensuring their privacy is fully protected.

Our approach 

We combine various data sources to give you a complete view of your business and turn it into valuable insights. Here are the key steps in our process:

1. Establish One Metric that Matters (OMTM) 

2. Audit your current data setup (if you have one in place)

3. Customer journey & map touchpoints

4. Ideation and backlog filling

5. Choosing the right tooling setup 

6. Analysis & report with a dashboard to monitor results and learnings

Sub services


  • Web analytics setup
  • Google Analytics migration
  • Server-side tracking
  • GPDR compliant data collection
  • Multisource data visualization

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