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As the saying goes, “When you assume, you make an… out of you and me”. As there is no room for assumptions, all decisions should be based on data. And in order to have that data, you need to start measuring. If you achieve your goal without measuring your actions, you won't know what caused your success. Likewise, without measurement, you can't learn from failure and avoid repeating mistakes.

Measurement is key 

Due to the increasing use of tools that block cookies and data-requests to analytics tools, marketers and businesses are struggling more than ever to fully understand the customer journey. By implementing server-side tracking in a sustainable way, we can help you obtain a complete and accurate picture of your users, while ensuring their privacy is fully protected.

Our approach 

We combine various data sources to give you a complete view of your business and turn it into valuable insights. Here are the key steps in our process:

Establish One Metric that Matters (OMTM) 

It all starts with getting everyone focused on the same goal, delivering value to the end-user and your company.

Audit your current data setup (if you have one in place)

We make sure the data you're collecting is able to give the needed insights in how you are performing against the OMTM. 

Customer journey & map touch-points

Where are your customers active and how can they get in touch with your company? In this step we note all possible customer touch-points and write down tracking possibilities and requirements. 

Ideation and backlog filling

During the ideation and backlog filling process, we brainstorm and prioritise potential ideas for tracking improvements, filling the backlog with tasks to enhance data collection and reporting capabilities.

Choosing the right tooling setup 

We select and configure the appropriate tools and technologies that align with your specific tracking needs and objectives. 

Analysis & report with a dashboard to monitor results and learnings

We create a user-friendly dashboard to monitor results and gather insights in how your company is performing against the set OMTM. 

Visualizing data



  • Web analytics setup
  • Google Analytics migration
  • Server-side tracking
  • GPDR compliant data collection
  • Multisource data visualization

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