Search Engine Advertising

Search Engine Advertising (SEA) is one of the most used channels in the online marketing mix today. For e-commerce and B2C players, it’s one of the most effective ways to generate revenue. For B2B, SEA can help companies stand out between their many competitors online. Our growth consultants can help you reach your full potential in SEA by creating clear goals and a solid strategy. We help you understand the importance of the channel and how it contributes to your business goals.  

What is SEA?  

Search Engine Advertising is a paid online marketing channel with which you can advertise on search engines such as Google or Bing. SEA consists of many solutions for reaching your customers at any level of the customer journey.  

  • Search

    The “traditional” way of advertising on search engines. These are the text ads you see as the first few results of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Don’t underestimate these “traditional” ads – they can be highly effective.  
  • Shopping/performance Max

    Advertise the products you are selling by showing an image of the product, product title, the price, shipping costs, and more in one ad. This is most effective for B2C and e-commerce players who have a webshop.  
  • Display & Discovery

    Banners everywhere! These visual ads can help tell your brand’s story or promote a new deal. They are eligible to show on millions of websites in the Google Display Network.  
  • Video

    Tell your story through video on YouTube. Reach users at the right place and time with the right messaging. There are many types of video ads – using a combination of these can be an effective strategy.  

Benefits of SEA 

Implementing SEA brings several benefits to your business, including:  

  • Data-driven insights  

  • Brand exposure 

  • Reaching new customers across multiple channels 

  • Using machine learning and AI to reach potential customers 

  • Retargeting interested buyers  

Why is SEA important for your growth strategy?  

SEA is important because it’s a very buyer-oriented channel. It drives decision making online by using the power of machine learning to reach the right audience with the right messaging and the right time. SEA delivers results on the short term. At DotControl we use a data-driven approach, making sure that all our SEA efforts are insightful. We know exactly what the costs are and what the ROI is of the campaigns we run.  

Are you struggling with the following?

  • Don’t know where to start. You want to start with SEA but you don’t know where to start.  

  • Data is not insightful. You are running ads but you have no idea what they’re bringing your business.  

  • Getting the full-funnel approach right. You want to use a full-funnel SEA or online marketing strategy but you need some help figuring out the right marketing mix for a full-funnel strategy.  
  • Optimizing campaigns. You’ve started your first campaigns, now what? 

  • Looking forward. Having a one metric that matters is very important. Let us help you reach your business goals by creating a forward-looking strategy, roadmap and targets. 
  • New advancements in AI. There’s lots of talk about the changing SERP in Google. What is the effect of these changes and should you alter your SEA strategy accordingly?  

It’s OK to not know where to start or to get some guidance on SEA strategy. The algorithm of Google can be so complex and machine learning has become so smart. We are there to help you develop an effective strategy and turn SEA into a positive ROI machine.