Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a combination of strategies and supporting software that helps companies automate their marketing efforts. It also allows you to nurture prospects in a personalized way; with content that your prospects are interested in at the moment in time they are actually interested in it.   

Higher efficiency 

Marketing automation saves your marketing team a huge amount of time in nurturing and converting prospects into customers. It also allows your marketers to really be marketers instead of data and admin clerks.   

You can leverage marketing automation across multiple channels and layers of your business. Most popular: 

  • Browser notifications 
  • Social media 
  • Social advertising
  • Search engine advertising 
  • Email marketing
  • Internal processes
  • Sales follow-up
  • Reporting


Benefits of marketing automation 

Implementing marketing automation brings several benefits to your business, including: 

  • Cost reduction   
  • Efficiency; less waste of time and efforts   
  • Less repetition, more creativity   
  • Targeting potential customers across multiple channels   
  • Leveraging data from multiple channels to provide targeted messaging   
  • Setting up a machine that will work for you in the background, and generate revenue    


Why marketing automation is important for your growth strategy 

However, if not implemented well, it can bring serious harm to your business. This is because you might not use the right channel for the right audience or overflow certain visitors with multiple channels. Marketing automation starts with a data-driven strategy and model first. Many companies skip this vital step and end up stemming from growth or thinking that marketing automation doesn't work for them. 

Bad data leads to bad business. If the setup of your marketing automation system is faulty, or if your input data is compromised, you will end up serving valuable content to the wrong people. Ultimately annoying potential customers and creating a bad name for your business. We all know one or two companies we dislike because they are “spammy” and “annoying”.  You don’t be known like that. 

Are you struggling with the following?  

  • Don’t know where to start. You want to jump on the marketing automation bandwagon but don’t know where to start. Marketing automation tools and strategy can be complicated to implement the first time.  
  • Don’t know what the best approach is. You possess a powerful tool but have no clear strategy on how to effectively use this tool.  

  • Is it worth the investment? You have no idea of the Return On Investment (ROI) and Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) your marketing automation has.  

  • No time. Without the automation you are caught up on menial administrative tasks leaving you no time to start setting up your marketing automation.  

  • Not sure. No clear idea how automation can fit your current strategy  

Don't worry, that’s very common! We notice that most of our clients are struggling with this. See our standard process below to understand how we can help you tackle your challenges.    


Our approach 

Our approach depends on whether you would like to build your system from scratch or if you already have a marketing system in place. We will walk through each approach briefly but always feel free to contact us so that we can see how we can help you with your specific challenge.  


If you are building a marketing automation system from scratch:  

  • We always start by understanding what your end goal is (your One Metric that Matters) as well as the various conversion points in the customer journey. Based on this we will create an ideal funnel and map touch points with potential customers. 

  • Next, we will setup the appropriate tooling and needed automations. We will always start small building out the system step by step. That way we can learn along the way and see results faster.  

  • Finally, if desired, we can create reporting dashboards so you can easily monitor results and growth.  


If you are looking to optimise your current marketing automation system:  

Again we start with understanding your end goal and customer journey. The biggest difference is that we also conduct an in-depth audit of your current journey to find areas of improvement. Based on these we will setup various experiments to improve your system which we will test step by step. We will also advise you on tooling if we feel your current setup doesn’t meet your needs.   


What are the different areas we work on?  

We are able to help you with your:  

  • Tooling setup  
  • Goal definition  
  • Marketing automation strategy  
  • Customer journey mapping  
  • Reporting  
  • Automations setup  
  • Marketing automation audit  


What could marketing automation do for you?  

For an online discount magazine, we've implemented push engage to build their subscriber base. Within four months we were able to go from 0 subscribers to over 170K subscribers. With an opt-in rate of over 20% browser notifications by far outshine their email subscribers. Weekly these browser notifications bring over 36K visitors back to the website.