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Google Partner, agency page. This will link to our registered partner page at the Google domain.

By being an accredited Google partner, our certified growth marketeers can help companies achieve their online marketing objectives in Google Ads. Spending the marketing budget efficiently and effectively means you need to have a deep understanding of Google Ads campaign types and Google’s algorithm. Next to that, we make the difference campaigns measurable so that we can track the success of marketing objectives.


With Google Ads, we have access to various campaign types, each to help you achieve some type of marketing objective, including but not limited to:

  • Awareness
  • Sales
  • Reach
  • Leads
  • Retargeting

Why we love Google (Ads)

A platform to support many types of marketing objectives

Using Google Ads, we can help fuel your business goals, no matter which phase of the customer journey you’re in:

  • Drive sales
  • Get leads
  • Increase website visits
  • Influence consideration
  • Build awareness
  • Promote your app


Control over our marketing budget

We have full control over our marketing spend using Google. When we set a maximum budget, Google will not spend more than this amount.


Be relevant

Using Google Ads, we can connect to the right people, at the right time, with the right message.


Connect to a powerful algorithm and its data

With Google, we can make use of its powerful algorithm. By running ads via the world’s biggest search engine, we are able to collect data on users, interactions and website behavior. Next to that, we can generate new insights about the market behavior. This data is crucial for continual improvement of our Google (ads) strategy.

What it means to be a Google Partner

With Google Ads, our certified growth hackers can build many types of campaigns, with each type having a unique way of supporting your marketing objective. The different campaigns we can set up include: 

  • Video
  • Display
  • Search
  • Shopping
  • Performance Max
  • Discovery
  • Local
  • App

As a Google partner, we are trained by Google and work together with Google account specialists. This means we have access to training and support from Google directly. We also work together with specialists at Google to ensure marketing objectives of our clients are achieved.

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