Conversion Rate Optimization

Do you need help with elevating the user experience of your webshop? Do you want to gain more revenue and conversions from both new and returning visitors? Our CRO approach will help you in identifying the barriers within your webshop and customer journey. You'll understand what's hindering the growth of your conversion rates and how to improve it. 

What is CRO in a nutshell?

CRO or Conversion Rate Optimization involves a combination of user research, data analysis, user experience optimization, and AB testing to systematically improve the conversion rate. By understanding user behaviour, identifying bottlenecks, and implementing targeted changes, you can achieve higher conversion rates, and ultimately drive better overall webshop performance. 

Our CRO approach 

Set the most important goal (OMTM) 
First and foremost: How will CRO help in achieving your overall business goal? 

  1. Analysis & insights 

    Conduct CRO audit 
    Analyze quantitative and qualitative data sources 
    Gain insights in on-site obstacles and pain points

    Data sources include, among others: web analytics, on-site user feedback, session recordings, heatmaps, UX expert analysis, and customer service input.

  2. Backlog & priorities

    Insights from various CRO segments are translated into action points. These action points are then collected on a backlog and arranged in order of priority.

    Usually, we have backlogs based on:
    A/B tests
    In-depth or follow up analyses

  3. Ideation & hypotheses
    Based on the priorities, we will generate test ideas: what can we potentially test and what impact and improvement could it bring? Hypotheses and a AB testing plan are formulated. Additionally, we will carry out in-depth analyses if certain subjects require more data.

  4.  AB testing & optimization 
    The AB testing plan is executed, and high-priority changes are implemented as soon as possible. This may include bugs or site speed issues from the change backlog.

Why is CRO important for your growth strategy?

 Achieving growth requires a lot of testing. With CRO we set up tests prioritized on what will make the most impact on your goals. The average amount of winning tests usually ranges from 20 to 30%. It is also crucial to test improvements (impact testing); you may be accidentally losing clients.  

CRO can not only drive more revenue without having to pay for more traffic but can also prevent you from implementing changes that can decrease your revenue. 

Are you struggling with a thorough AB testing structure and methodology? 

  • Prioritizing tests based on what will have the highest impact, rather than basing them on preferences. 
  • Ensuring you have enough traffic to see a significant difference within the test period successfully.
  • Building upon previous tests rather than running loose tests. 
  • You are not sure if you should be running tests instead or focusing on functional improvements on your website. 

CRO & Growth Marketing 

The CRO process follows a similar approach to the general Growth Marketing process. In Growth Marketing, we focus on the entire customer journey, whereas in CRO, it is focussed on a specific segment. The integration allows us to deploy CRO more effectively by combining expertise with both processes, providing CRO while considering the complete customer journey. As a result, we can leverage the CRO trajectory more robustly, leading to a more durable impact.