Accelerating innovation


Commercetools is the market disruptor and inventor of ‘’headless commerce’’. As a company, they love to be the accelerator of brands that strive to reduce costs and increase speed and agility. Commercetools is the perfect partner in our mission to realise a positive future for people, brands and organisations.  

DotControl & commercetools

Commercetools is an international SaaS platform operator with branches all over Europe, the USA and Asia. They are passionate about empowering global companies and brands to create innovative, powerful, and highly customised digital e-commerce solutions to be profitable and sustainable.

Together, we can enable our clients to overcome the limitations of traditional, monolithic commerce solutions by providing a flexible and scalable catalogue of composable components. This allows our clients on commercetools to innovate quickly, adopt new channels and digitalise all business models. Commercetools' cloud-native technology, with globally distributed hosting facilities, provides hyper-scaling, even for the biggest corporations.

Partnering with commercetools also allows us to continuously use a best-of-breed approach for composable elements in the system with commercetools as the foundation. In this way, we can loosely connect services and components.

In 2012, the commercetools co-founder was the first to introduce the term ‘’headless commerce’’. This was a radical new approach and concept of decoupling the back- and front-end disrupted the industry. Since then, headless commerce has become the standard for Ecommerce today. 

A selection of the many reasons we love commercetools


  • Proven and stable commerce solution that enables us to build remarkably rich customer experiences
  • Headless architecture allows increased agility and custom experiences for consumers
  • Highly flexible catalogue with fully composable commerce services
  • Cloud-native technology which makes hyper-scaling possible