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Money can’t buy happiness

But it can give headspace. Invaluable room to think, to create, for your ambition. The ambition that sparks your next move. To get a business loan can be extremely tiring and complicated. And most banks and financial parties don’t talk like you and me. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

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Why be like everybody else?

Yeaz! is an all-new, fresh face in the loan business.
They thought the entire approach could be a lot simpler. So, we teamed up to create a brand new loan application system. Because in the end, we are just entrepreneurs talking to entrepreneurs. Yeaz! wants to create room for ambitions. They feel ambitions should grow. We couldn’t agree more. So we designed and built this new unicorn of a platform.

Friendly and direct, still completely digital

Hassle-free business loans are now a few clicks away. With smart iDIN and KvK integrations, we see who is eligible for a loan and for what amount of money. When you slide through the questions and get an approval, your money is delivered into your account the next day.
An experience that will take only five minutes. Easy does it.

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A unicorn, really?

How can you sound human and be trustworthy at the same time? Being a new player with a disruptive way of thinking, we choose a unicorn. His name? Henk. A down to earth animal, who knows this business. And stays grounded, to help you achieve your goals.

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Mobile second, people first

Yeaz! puts people first. Talks like normal people. Logical? Not if you look at the stiffest corporate language you find elsewhere. To get the balance right, we helped them create their first social ads. Using data to gather intelligence about their audience allowed us to find and target the right entrepreneurs.

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No fine print, no missed disclaimers.

Our font size tells a lot about our transparency and empathy. We keep it readable. Even on the online receipt.
Yeaz! reached its target within just a few months:


New happy clients




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“DotControl is an inseparable extension to our business.”

“DotControl, more than a partner. Whenever and wherever we go, we go together. With surgical precision we build and execute our strategy on both a marketing and operational level. DotControl is an inseparable extension to the business of Yeaz!”

Laurens van der Starre
CEO at Yeaz!

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Kim de Rotte

Client Service Director

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