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Strukton is a major player in the construction industry, both in the Netherlands and internationally. Under its three divisions of Strukton Rail, Strukton Worksphere and Strukton Civiel fall a host of companies focused on various specialisms and markets. Over time, a plethora of sites and sub-sites had been created, with different looks and interfaces, that was threatening to dilute the company’s corporate identity.

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Bringing it all together

Strukton therefore asked DotControl to develop one look & feel for the whole company that would incorporate the existing house styles of the different divisions on one platform. All three divisions of Strukton were very happy with the new look & feel, which they feel really captures their company values and strong professional reputation. There is now also greater interconnection between the three divisions with tabs to all three divisions and careers always visible on your screen. So someone working for Rail sees and learns more about Worksphere and Civiel than before. Helping combat silo thinking and encourage a stronger shared corporate identity.

Plug and grow

In addition, we developed a template that makes it easy to create and add as many new sites or subsites of subsidiaries or brands as Strukton wants, all hosted on the central platform. So far, we have developed sixteen such new sites and sub-sites for Strukton.

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Good job

We also developed a single job vacancy hub that connects the recruitment systems of all Strukton’s divisions and sub-divisions to a central website. Each division retains its own application-tracker system, but these now have a standardised output on the main website. So all vacancies share the same look & feel, while the divisions maintain their own brand identity and can continue using their own applicant journey systems.

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We believe that SiteCore is the most complete platform with lots of out of the box functionality. SiteCore gives us the possibility to create a tailor made, personalized customer experience with lots of functionality available from the platform.

With the SiteCore platform we can create one platform for both the main Strukton website and all of the Strukton subsites.

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