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In response to a growing social problem, DotControl has developed a ground-breaking AI-based app that famous Dutch rappers are using to help young people overcome the pressures from social media and boost their self-esteem. This resulted in the world's first AI-based app that boosts confidence!

An idea against anxiety issues

For a while at DotControl we've sensed that increasing numbers of young people suffer from fear of failure, low self-esteem and similar issues. A problem made worse by the corona pandemic. And we felt one aspect was often overlooked: social media.

So we researched the issue. We read up on academic findings, talked to young people on the street and in schools, and looked into what they discuss on social media. We discovered that alarmingly high numbers of youngsters feel inadequate.

We decided to do something about it and came up with WordSmint.

Fire Ali B Ronnie Flex Numidia Poke Fire 100 Smint

Taking the rap

WordSmint is an innovative AI technology-based app that uses leading rappers to help young people get off their feeds, and express their feelings and problems in a safe space.

You open the app, pick a beat and get singing, rapping or talking. The sophisticated AI cross-references each recording with both other performances on the app and the entire hip hop genre. You then get personalised feedback on your beats - and the emotions behind them - from four Dutch hip hop legends: Ali B, Ronnie Flex, Poke and Numidia.

Fire Fire 100
smint mic
100 100

Simple concept,
complex technology

By linking algorithms to innovative voice technology, the app allows texts to be analysed for elements such as creativity and flow. It then automatically links the user to their best-fit artist for feedback. The project was technologically complex because it involved a lot of voice-connected AI on the one hand and the need to respect privacy on the other.

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Well Dayum
You're crushing it!
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Rap-named artworks and hip-hop icon boosts of approval

"We talked to loads of rappers before selecting four artists who were genuinely interested in helping these kids and who 'got' what the project was about."

Marcel van Zwieten Managing Creative Director,DotControl
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Though previously not DotControl clients, Smint immediately saw the campaign's social importance and loved the execution: the WordSmint campaign was a go.

Smint boosts WordSmint campaign

We approached Smint, makers of the famous breath-freshener mints, as the perfect campaign partner. Smint has always used (literally) tongue-in-cheek taglines around improving your self-confidence. From the legendary
No Smint, no kiss to today's Boost yourself.

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