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Fashion brand Profuomo was looking for a data-driven e-commerce partner to further expand their digital potential. We succeeded in achieving the ambitious goal by leveraging an appropriate e-commerce strategy using a layered campaign strategy on paid advertising channels.




SEA, Social advertising


Fashion & retail

Walking man with black jeans and white shoes Graph numbers including +32% increased sessions and +15% increased revenue

Target Sessions:


Target Revenue:


Effective performance

Profuomo is a contemporary fashion brand for men known for its casual work and leisure clothing. All based on the philosophy of "Timeless Comfort" made from a sustainable idea. Care and attention are prioritized in the production method to ensure both a sustainable approach and high-quality clothing. Profuomo wanted to take the next step by actively promoting and generating revenue through their existing B2C e-commerce web shop.

Focusing on effective performance to achieve a record number of sales in a cost-effective way. While also realizing a smooth transition to a new ecommerce platform. Due to DotControl's Looop™ way of working, we were able to provide Profuomo with valuable key assets, including strategy, data and marketing.

Man playing a piano with his right hand

Based on a thorough analysis on Profuomo online we created a data-driven forecast and target for Q4 2022. The perfect foundation for the creation of an ambitious goal for the entire quarter. The result? An e-commerce strategy for the two most important paid advertising channels based on the targets set in the forecast.

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DotControl was the e-commerce partner we were looking for

"We were looking for a data-driven e-commerce partner with whom we wanted to expand the potential of our digital marketing channels. Together with DotControl, we set up ambitious targets for Q4 to grow our sales for the Profuomo webshop. Through great and efficient cooperation and by continually challenging each other we were able to reach the target of Q4. In addition, we have set up an ambitious plan for 2023 so that we can continue growing together."

Iris Kamerling

Digital Marketing Manager (interim)

Brown collored Japanese knitted shirt Multiple Google results from Japanese knitted shirts

Our method

See, Think, Do, Care

A layered campaign strategy, based on the See Think Do Care model, allows the campaigns to be structured according to the customer journey. For example, for a specific Profuomo campaign with two famous Dutch pianists, Lucas & Arthur, we used such a layered campaign strategy to achieve the best results for a well-rounded campaign. The pianists featured Profuomo's Japanese Knitted shirt. A breakdown:





The See phase

Focusing on brand awareness and reach. Campaigns were built with the goal of engagement and generating traffic to the campaign landing page.

Wallpaper of a cracked road Results of Facebook with a picture of a man playing the piano

The Think phase

Focusing on displaying the product in combination with models wearing the product. Hereby we retargeted the users who landed on the campaign page in the previous phase. Telling the audience more about the product and Profuomo's USP's.

Blurred out results on Facebook Result on Facebook with two mans modelling for a Japanese knitted shirt Blurred out result on Facebook

The Do phase

Focusing solely on generating purchases. Audience targeting was specifically focused on remarketing of users who landed on the campaign landing page and product pages. The messaging was purely focused on buying and the product was clearly shown in the ads.

Results on Youtube Blurred results on Youtube

The Care phase

The care phase was focused on email marketing which Profuomo was responsible for. Via marketing automation flows buyers were sent a thank you email and asked for a review. In this phase it was important to generate happy customers so that they would be triggered to buy again in the future.

Social strategy

The social strategy was focused on different types of campaigns and optimization of the always-on catalog ads. This resulted in a positive impact from the one-off campaigns and created a new efficient targeting strategy which was immediately applied in the campaigns. Phase-specific KPI's were vastly improved per campaign, confirming the right approach.

Profuomo results on Facebook Profuomo results on Facebook
Profuomo results on Google

SEA strategy

Following the layered campaigns approach, we focused on having a strong always-on basis in Google Ads. This always-on base consisted of:

  • A strong, clearly built Pmax campaign with a tight ROAS target
  • Search campaigns for the most important product categories
  • There was no focus on the number of transactions, but on revenue and profitability

For the one-off, seasonal campaigns that were launched during Q4, we used a combination of display, discovery and video campaigns.

Getting into the Growth Results

The forecast we made at the beginning of the partnership with Profuomo was ambitious and challenging, but with the hard work invested by our growth team, we were able to meet the target. In fact, the revenue target was met almost precisely, with a difference of +0,08% vs. the target.

However, we were able to realize this revenue with 20% less costs (media spend) than forecasted. This resulted in a very nice ROAS.


Revenue vs Target


Sessions vs Target


Cost vs Target


Roas vs Target

Next steps

We are excited to announce that we will continue to work with Profuomo in 2023. Due to a successful collaboration, we will continue the journey by creating an ambitious goal for the upcoming year. Continuously testing and improving the e-commerce, omnichannel strategy. We are just getting started. Stay tuned.

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Max Kleyweg

Growth Lead

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