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Priva's vision is to be the leading technology and service provider for sustainable urban deltas. Contributing to the circular economies based on green-tech and smart buildings. With their leading techonology, products and knowledge, they want to create an optimal environment in which people and plants experience the best way to grow.

We provided them with a new digital platform and an elevated visual brand to be able to reach their market better.

A new visual language
and design system

Using a new digital platform, we created a new way to visualize important information without the user getting lost in the website, using simple design to communicate a clear message.

Crafting an organic futuristic world

All insightful content about how the future is envisioned by Priva, is accompanied by visuals of organic shapes and in nature-like colours. The organic visuals add a layer of softness to the serious topics about the future. This way we prevent the usage of visuals, which by some could be interpreted as dystopian.

website layout design image
card design image
example of a portion of the priva website image

A stronger discoverability

By analysing the customer journeys, we were able to reorganise all content to improve the discoverability of solutions, knowledge and contact information.

Locate the information you are looking for

With the local page navigation, users are able to discover content on the page without having to run into it first. Straight from the top of the page, they will be able to navigate to the desired information on the page.

website layout design image
mobile navigation design image

Find the exact solution to impact your property

As used in physics, the term "exact" generally refers to a solution that captures the entire physics and mathematics.

Find the right person
to talk to

The step-by-step contact module allows users to find the right person to talk to. Not only does this prevent the user’s frustration of having to be connected to someone else by phone, it also reduces the pressure on Priva’s customer service team.

forms and menu design examples

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