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Conceptualising digital parking to get back the city’s space

ParkBee is challenging the way we look at parking. Quite literally. With their smart developed technology, they match empty parking garages and spots to people who need to park in the city. They collaborate with garage owners and move all the cars away from the city centers, to safe and often roofed spots, out of people’s way. In the process, changing the way we think about parking. We helped them reach their audience with a new digital strategy and many diverse assets.

ParkBee Ad Cards
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A motion language inspired by sidewalks, crossings and roads

To add character and uniqueness, we developed a motion building block system. More than 50 animated ads were produced for social media as well as digital out of home. Developing a steady motion language made sure that not one ad was ever the same.

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A simple strategy for a direct and flexible message

To add character and uniqueness, we developed unique concept lines. You always start and end with the same word. The only thing that changes, is the message in the middle, which is replaced by a benefit “Always. A benefit parking.” For every situation, the end message stays the same, it’s only the benefits that change according to the scenario.

Parkbee ad boards

The creation of a variety of assets for a broad audience

The final outcome of all these ads is portrayed in many different forms. From billboards to car hangers, we did it all. The challenging part was that we don't usually do print, but that did not stop us. We greeted the challenge with open arms and managed to create outstanding and distinguishable ads within a city that already had a lot of distractions.

Parkbee billboard
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The One Metric
That Matters

ParkBee’s marketing objective was an occupancy of 30%. The first two weeks of the new campaign, that target was met.

Parkbee after campaign graph
Parkbee after campaign graph

Let the numbers
do the talking




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Transactions via marketing campaigns

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