An e-commerce platform packed with surprises

From the past to a present

The Nationale Bioscoop Bon is a gift card that has been around for about a decade, establishing itself as a gift renowned by a nation-wide audience. The wants and needs of emerging generations are however altering, asking for a digital-first solution tailored to a new era of people and technology.

A gift that keeps on giving

We introduced a new digital product, with a new design to reposition the brand with a future-proof solution. The new e-commerce platform fully reimagines the concept of a gift card in ways that are never seen before. Transforming a physical coupon to an immersive digital experience packed with surprises.

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Great for every gesture

We made the Nationale Bioscoop Bon a highly personal gift that's equally fun to give and receive. Based on an own style and intentions nearly anything can be customised. Ranging from themes, to names, sounds, stickers, values and personal messages.

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Allowing digital
to make it personal

Personal messages allow users to leave whatever comment feels suiting to the occasion. Allowing makers to surprise the receiver with anything ranging from Shakespear-like poems to funny notes.

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From card to conversion

Turning a physical card digital doesn't just allow for more personalisation options, it also opens the world of e-commerce. This brought many added functionalities including a buying system that directly converts to an entry ticket in the ease of your pocket.

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This project was made in a close collaboration between Selmore and Dotcontrol. We merged our powers, putting Selmore in charge on the campaign, whilst we have simultaneoulsy mostly been focussed on the production of the new e-commerce platform.


Improved platform,
improved numbers






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