A new face To face the future

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Setting the tone for tomorrow

Caring about your finances. That's what Brand New Day does. With a broad range of financial products. Such as payment accounts and insurances for both private and business customers. Ensuring the financial future for its customers. Making the complicated understandable. Today and especially tomorrow.

What you see is what you honestly get

Through a clear and optimistic interface, information is presented transparently. Resulting in a sense of trust. We took Brand New Day's personal and customer-oriented approach and translated it into all visual elements. From the choice of typography. To the colour palette and softness in the used shapes.

Visualise your future

Besides the UX, imagery plays a big role in the rebranding. Through the visuals, we created somewhat estranged yet daily situations. These recognisable situations embody the feeling of assurance and relief. From the sketch to concept, to postproduction. All done in-house.

Sketched image of a hand holding a suitcase Realistic image of a hand holding a suitcase
Little pig on purple background
Nails in paint on red background
Gold bar on blue background
Cup of tea on yellow background

Photography: Aad Hoogendoorn

Knowing what you need

User data showed that the audience needs a lot of in-depth information before making a purchase decision. So we created an overall experience that taps into the intrinsic needs of Brand New Day's audience. They can now easily find in-depth information in an understandable way. Gaining more confidence in making the right financial choices.

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Kickass results

Visitors showed us they want to face the future.

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More conversion


Less bounce rate


Lower cost per client


Relevant information found quicker


More visitors


More page views

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Making a brand new day

Have a look at how we did what we say we did.

“A lot of guts and a modern way of marketing”

The guts are not only in the use of colour and photography but also in the modern way of marketing. The positioning is well implemented in all expressions. In the end, Brand New Day won because they were able to find their original DNA again and propagate this in brand identity with guts. - Jury Dutch Interactive Awards 2019

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Gold Dutch Interactive Award - Category Brand