Why Taking a Ski Trip with Your Colleagues Is a Great Idea

Picture of the autor Sherina Krösing

Sherina Krösing

People & Culture Lead

In March we went to Hinterglemm for our very first DC ski trip. We already had these plans a few years earlier, but then the pandemic hit us hard. This year, however, nothing was stopping us from going. Finally! We can say with certainty that we left our mark (quite literally, look at the video below to see what I'm talking about) all over Hinterglemm. 

So, I think the ski trip was beneficial for a number of important things. Let me elaborate. 

👩🏻‍🤝‍👨🏼  1. Extremely good for teambuilding

There were a few with lots of skiing and snowboarding experience, a few who had never hit the slopes before and were determined to get to the pro level but also a few who were just in chilling modus all day long. It didn’t matter at all. Even though we were divided in small groups during the morning… At lunch time we all met at dinner for some schnitzel with - of course - the first beers of the day. Which we completed with some dangerous ‘jagerbombs’ at the après ski. 

🎭 2. We got to know each-other in a different way

I’m pretty sure we got to know all of the participating colleagues way better then we did before the skitrip. I can tell you that we were surprised about that specific quiet colleague who suddenly has conversations for hours. Besides our management team being the last men standing every day, we can say we know each other that well already that no big surprises came up. Many funny stories to add to the collection though, too many to mention. 

🆕 3. Some of us learned a new sport

Some of us were newbies on the slopes. Well not that new, because all people who never went skiing of snowboarding before, took some lessons. Great to already know the basics, but let's face it... In the real snow it is way different. Fortunately some colleagues took them under their wings which even resulted that an inexperienced and an experienced boarder almost ended up in a ravine. Good thing that went good! (and too bad we didn’t capture that on camera). But learning from each other and helping out when necessary truly created a better bond.

🏅 4. Working out without the "have to" feeling

Working out? Some colleagues who came along on the trip, would say they are allergic of sports. So these people decided to enjoy the weather and - if we are being completely honest - to escape the home front for a while to just relax… But for the people who do drag themselves to the gym every once in a while, set their alarm every day without grumbling. Looking forward to an active day in the snow.

🧘🏻‍♀️  5. Relaxation

Winter sports require a lot of energy (especially with colleagues), but is also very relaxing. Say what? Well, not that relaxing to be honest. From time to time.. because after a full day of working out in the snow, the bar with music and beers were calling us. 

Looking back on the trip, I see a huge positive effect on all the people who participated. We work in multidisciplinary teams. Reality was, that people were more likely to seek each other within their own team. Makes sense! But what you see is, that going away together for a few days, has caused quite the switch. The different disciplines are now seeking each other out much more, both during and outside projects. So I dare to say I am in favor of starting this new tradition. Maybe a sunny destination next time? Stay tuned for our next destination!