The Door to New Possibilities

In an inspiring interview with Fonk Magazine, our Managing Creative Director, Marcel van Zwieten explains his positive outlook on the current Covid-19 pandemic.

Picture of the autor Marcel van Zwieten

Marcel van Zwieten

Managing Creative Director

Try to think about the time after Corona   


What was your most inspiring moment in the past 4 weeks?   

Regarding this question, I would like to stay in the scope of our companies DotControl and RockBoost. In the last four weeks, what made the biggest impression to me, is the strong collaboration and positive and pro-active spirit of the team. This time massively showed how great everyone is and what kind of mindset everybody is working to get out of this situation. We went from four offices to 80 mini-offices, yet the collaboration has impressively improved. The things we took for granted are now arising as superpowers. We're doing this together, and that's very inspiring!   


Which initiative stole your heart, and why?   

Finally, we're giving credit to the people who are doing the hard work right now. Entire cities applaud and sing for the first responders. I thought that was a grand gesture.    



What is the tip (business and/or creative) for the upcoming period?   

As creative entrepreneurs, we do get the opportunity to seize this moment. We need to learn from this challenging time this little 'something' we need to help our clients. For instance, the import of products is at the center of many conversations. It now turns out that producing closer to home also has many advantages. Even working from home and homeschooling have quite some impact. The digitalization of processes is something many companies and schools considered late. And now, it appears that companies need to have more trust in their employees. "Working from home is going surprisingly well…"   

Likewise, nature shows itself in its best ways. The sea is turning back to life, and air quality improves—so many things we need to learn from. Everybody is affected by this. Every industry. What will be your plan after Corona then?   


What is an essential learning moment of today?   

That we, as humans, are much more vulnerable than we all think. A new obstacle is always around the corner. One thing that's for sure; it all comes to how fast you can anticipate it. Have the strength and audacity to think about the time coming after Corona.   

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The things we took for granted are now arising as superpowers. We're doing this together, and that's very inspiring!

– Marcel van Zwieten, Managing Creative Director

Marcel van Zwieten

We are strong   

From an economic perspective, when it all ends (and it will end), what is your prediction for the upcoming year?   

It will surely end! We will enter a time during the one we need to start rebuilding. We all took some severe hits. We need to recover, and eventually, we'll see the consequences back in our economy. Still, I'm convinced that we'll smoothly rebuild because we are strong. I'm suggesting to focus this year on health—employees health and company health. Profit will eventually come.   


What message do you give your clients, or would you like to give them?   

Do not see this time only as a crisis. See it as a door to new possibilities. Use this time to find the answers and turn them into concrete action points.