Maximizing Impact With The Social Handshake

In an ever-changing world with pressing social and environmental challenges, organizations have an opportunity to drive positive change. So, we've partnered with The Social Handshake for quite some time now. They're known as a platform that empowers companies to contribute to a more sustainable and socially conscious society. Together, we can help increase impact and enable our employees to make a meaningful difference in realizing a positive future across the globe.

Picture of the autor Sherina Krösing

Sherina Krösing

People & Culture Lead

The Why

Amplify Your Impact

At the heart of our collaboration is the shared vision of creating a sustainable and socially responsible world. By joining forces with The Social Handshake, we can magnify its influence on society. Together, we work towards realizing a future where social and environmental challenges are addressed, fostering a more sustainable and equitable globe. By supporting relevant causes and charities, we demonstrate our dedication to making a positive difference beyond profit-driven objectives.


Enhance Employer Appeal

In today's competitive job market, attracting and retaining top talent is paramount. Studies show that 7 out of 10 employees desire to have a greater social impact. Through our partnership and the implementation of Payroll Giving, we are proud to see more and more employees actively donating and supporting causes they care about. By offering this empowering employee benefit, we position ourselves as an appealing employer that values social responsibility and actively encourages its workforce to contribute towards a positive future for the world.

Quote marks
– Youri, Lead UX Designer
"Since DotControl doubles the amount, I can donate more money. I support the cause Just Diggit because I find it incredibly empowering that something as simple as digging holes can help nature regenerate itself. And let’s be honest; that is definitely needed!"

The How

Direct Support for Charities through Salaries

With Payroll Giving, making a difference has never been easier. Our employees can directly support charities of their choice by making automatic donations deducted from their salaries. This straightforward and convenient approach empowers individuals to contribute regularly, amplifying their ability to create positive change across the globe. By supporting their desire to make a difference, you foster a culture of engagement and pride, united in the mission of realizing a positive future for the world.


Collaborate for Collective Impact

By embracing Payroll Giving as an optional employee benefit, we provide our staff with a tangible opportunity to support causes close to their hearts and actively participate in creating a positive future for the globe. This initiative aligns with the expectations of the modern workforce, which increasingly values social impact and corporate social responsibility. By empowering our employees to contribute meaningfully, we cultivate a sense of purpose and engagement within our company, fostering a positive work environment driven by a shared mission.

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– Max, Growth Lead
"I really like that you can support a wide variety of charities and easily adjust them on a monthly basis depending on your own personal preferences."

Our partnership with The Social Handshake opens up a world of possibilities to make a lasting and significant impact. Unified, we can contribute to a more sustainable and socially responsible society, attract top talent, and support our employees' desire to create positive change. By embracing Payroll Giving, we not only strengthen our reputation but also embody the values cherished by today's employees.

Quote marks
– Kim, Client Services Director
"It's a great way to support charities. My donation is matched by DotControl, so twice as much goes to the cause. This means it has a greater impact than if I were to donate on my own!"