How the Latest AI Advancements are Empowering DotControl

As a digital agency we monitor the advancements in AI closely. We have tested out ChatGPT and can’t wait for Google’s chatbot, Bard, to become available to a wider public. These chatbots will surely influence our digital strategies and way of working. Interested? Read on to see how these AI advancements impact DotControl and how we use them to our advantage.

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Michelle de Zeeuw

Growth Marketing

Artificial Intelligence. It’s a hot topic and lots of discussions have been initiated due to AI advancements, in particular due to the chatbot ChatGPT. Everyone is forming an opinion and many questions are floating around unanswered. Such as: will search engines like Google still be used in the search for information online? Will every content piece be written by chatbots? Will design be increasingly made with AI? Are we sure that the one answer given by ChatGPT is correct? How trustworthy is all the provided information?


What is ChatGPT? And who is Bard?

Before we dive into how these AI advancements impact DotControl, it’s good to take a moment to go back to the basics. What is ChatGPT? And what is Bard all about?

ChatGPT is an innovative text-generating program that uses AI technology to provide answers to prompts (questions) a user asks. It is essentially a chatbot that provides real-time answers to your questions. The tool is used widely by many users nowadays to give answers to almost anything. And it’s about to become even bigger. ChatGPT and Microsoft have just partnered up so that the chatbot is integrated within the Bing search engine.

But Bing is not the only search engine that’s partnering up with a chatbot. On February 8th, Google officially presented its own chatbot: Bard. Bard has been released on a small scale for now. It is run by the AI technology Language Model for Dialogue Applications (LaMDA). Bard will use information from the web to provide high quality answers to various questions. Like ChatGPT, Bard can be used for all kinds of purposes – creative ideas, questions that you are curious about, advice, recipes, etc. Google will be integrating Bard within the search engine. Google has indicated that Bard will be there to extend standard Google searches. It also claims that Bard will not only provide basic, direct answers, but rather detailed information with context.


How do these AI advancements impact DotControl & what do we do with them?

Within DotControl, these types of AI advancements change our digital strategies and our way of working in several ways.

For one, AI tools like these impact our growth marketing strategy, specifically our SEO strategy. Instead of searching the “traditional” way via a Google search, people might use the chatbot to uncover a more direct (and single) answer. Your website might not be one the first touch points in a customer journey anymore. Instead, the chatbot is. Soon a search engine may be used for a more direct search, such as finding a specific product. The SEO strategy should still be centered around content, but we probably need extra focus on content for product detail pages, for example. Our growth hackers will be monitoring the importance of SEO for our clients and advise next steps because of the growing use of AI chatbots.

We can use the chatbot to our advantage. Such as to be more efficient. For example, our development team used ChatGPT to write a script to make their lives easier when upgrading from Umbraco version 8 to version 10. Next to that, our measurement specialists are using ChatGPT to get tips about scripts to integrate (measurement) tools more efficiently.  

This also brings advantages for our international clients, where we can quickly create multi-lingual interfaces. This can lead to a better user experience of websites and apps as people prefer to communicate and read in their mother language. This, in turn, reduces the churn rate of clients.

Finally, we use the DALL-E AI tool every now and then to generate ideas for new designs when we need some creative juice on the spot Or we use AI as part of a digital solution such as a photo element recognition tool we integrated for National Geographic. The chatbot also helps us generate text such as copy and marketing materials. This gives us more room to think about the bigger picture such as strategy and roadmaps for the future.

What’s next?

Artificial Intelligence will definitely not stop advancing after the release of these chatbots. Bard and ChatGPT will become smarter and smarter over time. However, we also expect other AI advancements to influence customer journeys and the way users interact with the platforms we create. We’re more than ready to further embrace AI and use it to our advantage. And we’re all set to shape new growth strategies because of changing consumer behaviour.