Dutch Digital Day 2023 Rundown

This year we went to another edition of Dutch Digital Day in Amsterdam! We’re no strangers to this inspiring event. A full day set to inspire the next industry unicorns to make the world a better place through technology. We had a blast with inspiring talks, sunny goodness, good food, and Kratombucha (no that was not a typo: read on to find out what we’re talking about).

Picture of the autor Sharon Kruijswijk

Sharon Kruijswijk

Brand Manager

DDD Talent Program

The event kicked off with the DDD Talent Program. This was a great opportunity to show over a hundred ambitious students the dynamics and opportunities of working in the digital industry. During the program, we presented our case of the Nationale Bioscoopbon. We are proud to say that our booth was the busiest during the final round. The DDD Talent Program was an inspiring start, filled with valuable interactions. Giving us the opportunity to show our passion for digital and our commitment to inspiring the next generation of professionals in the industry.  

A few favorites


Not only did we attend the event to get inspired, but naturally we also had to root for our Managing Partner Mark Landman, who happens to also be the chairman for Dutch Digital Agencies. In the upcoming year, Mark will focus on further empowering its members to be able to enhance the general idea of what it is that digital agencies do. As this is something that is not necessarily widely known throughout businesses, schools, and even at the governmental level.  


Chagall kicked off the talks perfectly. She sings, dances, programs and experiments her way through life which is really cool to witness in her live performance. She captivated us with a never before seen audio-visual experience. We already loved the performance of her first song, but gradually Chagall explained to the audience how her performance is created on the spot. After joining the London music technology startup MiMU, she quickly became inspired by motion controllers in electronic music. This led to her creation of live shows in which she controls all digital music elements and visual projections with special MiMU gloves, all while singing.

High Cuisine

Noah Tucker had us talking about the ingrained relationship between food and drugs. Wait what? Well, together with Anthony Joseph, Noah Tucker created ‘High Cuisine’, which is a way to explore and challenge how food and drugs are perceived and ingested. Challenging the taboos and rules we have created for ourselves when it comes to what food and drugs are. He travels all over the world to find the best ingredients for the dishes he creates to incorporate into his unique dining experiences.

Besides food, they also want to bring in the next generation of social drinks, which are plant-powered elixirs and tinctures set to bring you on a ‘liquid adventure’. Noah gave us a little taste during the event as they handed out Kratombucha. An uplifting herbal elixir made of kombucha and leaves from the kratom tree. In Asia, these leaves have been used for many years already, as medicinal herbal tea, energy booster, and much more all promoting wellness and happiness. We’re fans!


We also took a little tour of the fashion side of things. Borre Akkersdijk and his companion from ByBorre told us all about their mission. They started out with consulting brands like Nike and Louis Vuitton. Soon they realized they wanted to solely focus on the development of 3D knitted fabrics. Further experimenting and researching the future of fashion and integrated technology. They believe that to achieve full creative freedom in textile design, you need to integrate every step of the supply chain. With that, make people aware of where their textiles come from. They are keen to build an integrated ecosystem that offers transparency, reliability, and freedom in textile creation.

At the end of the talks, Jim Stolze hosted a pub-quiz ‘for nerds & creatives’. Of course, our Lead Designer Youri 'King Pong' walked away with the main prize. Now he can rock the office with his very own Byborre piece.


Ersin Han Ersin

Ersin, visual artist and director of Marshmallow Laser Feast, delighted us with a zen moment during the event. Ersin uses a wide range of disciplines in his work such as sculpture, installation, live performance, and mixed reality. With that, he shows all the hidden natural forces that we see daily, in a unique sensory experience. With his performance during DDD he showed us how trees are fundamental to life on earth. By removing its physical appearance, the way we encounter trees every day, he revealed all underlying networks, processes, and systems. Ersin also inspired us with his project ‘In the Eyes of the Animal’, which is a cinematic experience that immerses you in a 3D world of three woodland creatures. Exploring the line between virtual and real-world experiences.

We are already looking forward to next year's 10-year anniversary edition!