DotControl and RockBoost struck gold

At the Dutch Interactive Awards in the category ‘Brand’!

At this year's Dutch Interactive Awards (DIA) awards, we won gold for our work for Brand New Day. Together with our sister company RockBoost we were the gold winner in the category ‘Brand’.

The best in the business

Every year, since 2010 the Dutch Interaction Awards recognize the best work in the Dutch digital landscape. The awards are renown recognition in our field. Judged on the concept, design, UX, results, and optimisation, nominated cases can be awarded either a gold or silver award.


A new face, to face the future

From the very beginning, Brand New Day had a disruptive character. When they started out, they were the first online bank. Instead of talking gibberish, Brand New Day communicates informally. Making a change in the financial world by making the complicated understandable and eliminating the fine prints. But somewhere along the way, they lost their disruptive character and wanted it back.  



In the end, we created a brand new identity to match their disruptive character. The distinctive photography focuses on the feeling of having financial security for the future. Such as being able to stomp around in the mud with your child. Or enjoying that fancy sandwich with complete peace of mind.


And it was that photography, those guts to challenge what we know from the financial world that sparked joy in the minds of the judges.


“The guts are not only in the use of colour and photography but also in the modern way of marketing. The positioning is well implemented in all expressions. In the end, Brand New Day won because they were able to find their original DNA again and propagate this in brand identity with guts.” - DIA 2019 jury.


Two down, many more to go

Last year we won gold in the category B2B commerce with the work we did for our client HAVI. This year we are incredibly proud that we can add another gold DIA to our collection. This time in the ‘brand’ category. For us, at DotControl and RockBoost, this is a clear recognition for our expertise in transforming industries and shaping brands.


You can check the full case study here.