DotControl #1 in FONK50 Best Agencies 2019

For the category Digital agencies - large.

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Pelagiya Dragomirova

Head of Marketing and PR

FONK magazine has recently published its list of lists for Best Agencies in the Netherlands. Fifty agencies ranked with customer satisfaction between 1-10, with an 8 or higher.

This list is the central theme of the FONK50 Annual. DotControl customers were asked to assess their satisfaction based on thirteen topics. Multiscope held the independent survey on behalf of FONK magazine. 

Our customers scored us best on the following topics: 

  • Commitment & service - 9,40
  • Sparring partner - 9,20
  • Speed of work - 9,20
  • Creativity - 9,20 


#1 for the category Digital agencies - large.



For FONK50 25th edition, they asked us what differentiates DotControl?

Here’s a super honest take on this.


What makes your agency so unique compared to other agencies?

DotControl & RockBoost help companies to be ready in this new world. Not with one-off transformation, but with continuous evolution. This is how we grow companies from day one.


In other words: what do you excel at as a team?

We are what this time needs—creative, innovative, honest, results-oriented. We come up with ideas quickly, test and improve. Continuously evolving and being ready in this changing world. We do not advise as an advisor, but also really implement it. So, roll up your sleeves and work hard on growth.

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We think a marketer needs a partner who thinks along with him. Who is independent. Like a bird who floats above the business oversees the world around him. And data used as a breeding ground for ideas.

– Mark Landman - Managing Director at DotControl

Mark Landman

What differentiates DotControl?


You received a very high customer rating in the 25th edition: did the results surprise you or did you expect this outcome?

Client (and employee) happiness is the most crucial figure on which we steer DotControl & RockBoost. That is why this annual survey is so important to us. We are using this as an essential input for next year's focus. We work hard every day to get the figures even better. We continuously measure customer satisfaction. But these numbers did surprise us. We knew that we were doing quite well, but scoring a 9 for speed, commitment & service, creativity, relationship management and as a sparring partner, also impressed us!


What will your TOP50 position of 2019 mean for your daily work?

Proud and even more focus! This position is proof to us that we deliver value to our clients. Our payoff is "Creating Growth". Growth is what we provide. But to grow you need focus. "The One Metric That Matters". We declare this to our clients and apply it to ourselves. For us that is customer & employee happiness. At least an 8.5. Because life shouldn't be a seven, it's too essential for that! This focus on satisfaction ensures that everyone is highly motivated to deliver the best. You can feel and see that. Our clients also feel that vibe and together with them, we achieve that growth.


What makes your agency different from other agencies? In other words: how do you make a difference?

Creativity in service of business results. Otherwise, it's not that interesting. Our humble opinion. Above all, we want to be what this time needs. Creative, innovative, honest, result-oriented. That is why we come up with things quickly, test immediately and improve. Continuous. In this way, we help companies to continuously evolve so that they are ready for this changing world. We think we are much different than others. We not only develop brands and campaigns but also innovate the entire supply chain worldwide, of the largest fast-food brand on the planet.


What skills does a client need to have in 2020 to get the most out of you?

The influence of technology is increasing exponentially. Not only in terms of innovation for a brand or organisation, but also in terms of how the consumer experiences the brand. An open mind and knowledge of technology are, therefore, of great value. At DotControl & RockBoost we always work in co-creation with our clients. A good product owner on the client-side often makes a lot of impact. But if these knowledge/skills are not yet available, we have an education program to get this knowledge up to speed quickly.


What are the issues in Marcom for 2020? And how do you hook up in your work?

Marketing is becoming a challenging profession: all those channels, cross channel. How do I reach my customers? How do I build a fan base? Where is my chance of success? Where do I begin?


The marketer is under pressure. Result is expected. Growth. For this, he has to think short, but also long term. Keep an eye on his business case, have a vision on the use of data. Stand out from the crowd, with an idea—continuous adjustment. We think a marketer needs a partner who thinks along with him, who is independent. Like a bird who floats above the business oversees the world around him. And data used as a breeding ground for ideas. To test, adjust and strengthen immediately. So that growth is a constant. This can be seen in profit, a broader market share and product innovation or a more substantial fan base.