Diversity to Make a Positive Impact

In this blog we will take a closer look at what drives our company culture. Why is this so important to us? Where do we focus on and where would we like to be in the future?

Picture of the autor Sherina Krösing

Sherina Krösing

People & Culture Lead

We at DotControl believe in the power of the collective. Different people with different skills and backgrounds, with the same positive mindset and passion. All working together in a place where you can just be you and have that optimal work-life balance. By uniting our diverse league of digital heroes we’re creating teams that can meet any challenge.

Why is company culture so important to us?

Company culture is about shared values and beliefs which shape our organisation. About what is right and wrong from our point of view. Working hard but also playing hard together. About how things “should go” at DotControl. How you do your work, how you treat your colleagues, how proud and loyal you are.

Our company culture is created with and by our people. Everyone is constantly involved in building that vibrant company culture. We do believe a company culture is never static, it evolves over time. Just like our so-called “culture carriers”. They develop themselves and so does our culture. Step by step we become that place where you want to be.

Some people may believe that a homogeneous group of friends work best in creating a culture. However, that may also mean that blind spots are overlooked and that certain opportunities are not seen. We think the best culture is created when all members of the group don’t see and think alike.

That’s why we believe in the value of a unified group of individuals with their own personalities, skills, and backgrounds. We highly value that every individual feels comfortable to always be themself. We try to be inspired by everyone of us.

How do we get there?

Mainly by focusing on the core values in our company. When everyone has our core values in mind, the most fruitful dialogue can take place. Only this way you can project a uniform and consistent image both internally and externally. Clear values increase recognizability, give direction and sharpen our focus on a daily basis. This results in a clear handbook for making the right decisions.

  • Positive
    Positivity pushes us further 
  • Passionate   
    Passion is our irresistible fire
  • Unified
    In unified we trust

  • Curious
    Curiosity is our engine 

  • Data-Driven
    Data brings us closer

Our dream?

We would love to become a workplace where you can fully enrich your life. A place where you can learn from the people around you, get inspired, get motivated and become even more energized about the things you do; really live your passion. Not just business wise, but also by creating a direct connection to your home world. A place where you not only get your dose of happiness, but also a place which truly allows you to focus on your passion. A campus feel that offers on-site facilities to make your life easier.

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