AI’s Influence on Future Growth Strategies

Artificial Intelligence. You read about it everywhere. In a previous blog we talked about how we use AI and tools like ChatGPT to make our lives as designers, developers, and growth marketeers easier. Recently, Google announced new features that will be released soon which will impact growth marketing strategies for our clients. In this blog we aim to provide a recap on what these updates are and how they will impact growth marketing strategies in the (near) future. I’ll give you a first hint: AI is at the heart of it all.

Generative AI

Perhaps the biggest update is that the Google Search Results Page (SERP) as we all know it, will be changing drastically due to generative AI. With this new update, Google aims to directly answer your questions in the SERP with minimal linking to various websites. At the top of the search results, we will see a snapshot with the answer to your question and 2-3 links to websites that give more information about this query.

Below that answer, automated FAQs (related follow-up questions) will appear, allowing you to dive into the topic even further without having to navigate to separate websites. There will also be an option to directly ask Google a follow-up question. If you click this option, you will start a chat with Google. Via this chat you can ask your own questions and get answers to your specific questions. Changing the way Google has been used for a long time now. 

A similar experience will be available when you are looking to buy something online. Google will generate an answer to your question and provide suggestions on which items to buy that matches your search query.


An update on Bard

ChatGPT has gained immense popularity in a short time span. Google has already announced its own chatbot, named ‘Bard’ at the beginning of this year. At the Google I/O event on May 10th, Google announced that Bard will be rolling out worldwide. Becoming available in English in over 180 countries very soon. Besides that, Bard will also have an integration with Google Lens, allowing you to ask a question by using a picture instead of text only.

Creating Google Search and Pmax ads with AI

Anytime soon, Google will help advertisers with the creation of search ads and Performance Max ads. For search ads Google will launch a conversational experience where you can chat with Google and the system will recommend headlines and descriptions to use for an effective search ad. If you are unsure about the structure of your ad group, Google may also be able to help you with choosing the right keywords! What a time to be alive.

For Performance Max campaigns, Google will be able to help you think about fitting images to use for your ads. AI will even be able to assist you in creating images for your ad! The system uses stock images as a starting-point and change aspects in a way that is fitting for your brand and/or message. This will also be possible via a conversational experience.

Two new campaign types in Google Ads

Last but not least, Google has announced two new ad types that will be coming to Google Ads this summer.

Video view campaigns

With this campaign type, you will be able to advertise on YouTube with videos. This concept is not completely new. However, this campaign will give advertisers the chance to focus on maximizing video views as a goal. This is not a goal yet in Google’s video campaigns.

Demand Generation campaigns

In this campaign, the algorithm will focus on engagement and be fully action oriented. Visual ads will be shown, similar to ads in Discovery and Display campaigns we use today. The ads will be shown on specific placements: YouTube shorts, YouTube in-stream, You-Tube in-feed, Google Discover and Gmail.

How will this impact growth marketing strategies?

These upcoming changes will impact growth marketing strategies to say the least. Let me help you with embracing these changes with my personal expectations and pieces of advice.

  • Content on websites will play a much larger role. Be sure that your content is informative and answers frequently asked questions that users have concerning the topic. 

  • There will be less traffic coming in from organic search results since questions will be answered directly in the SERP. Especially when people are orienting and reading information, less people will land on your website to read information. That doesn’t mean that you should stop having that content on your website. You want to have that content available for Google to give an answer in the SERP.

  • Making effective ads on Google Ads will become much easier. Since this will make Google Ads even more accessible to all kinds of advertisers (big and small), there will probably be more competition as well.

  • The emphasis on engaging consumer will increase. Video is already playing a big role in the customer journey nowadays. However, with new campaign types like video view and demand generation, the focus will be on consumer engagement. Trying to grab their attention through video and channels like YouTube.

There will most definitely be more of these AI updates in the coming years. It is essential to be aware of these changes and create strategies that work together with AI. At DotControl, we strive to help our clients navigate the complex customer journey in today’s digital age, especially with these new updates.