#2 FONK150 Best Agencies on Creativity

DotControl ranks second among large agencies in the FONK150 Best Agencies on Creativity.

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Anne de Vries

Growth Marketeer

Yes, you read that correctly. We listed second in the FONK150 list on creativity! In the group of big agencies of The Netherlands, we ranked a 9,0 on creativity and we received an 8,2 as overall FONK150 score. Some serious rates If you ask us. FONK Magazine hosts a yearly research in the wide world of agencies to test their performance on different topics ranging from administrative processing to functioning as a business accelerator.


DotControl has some amazing results this year. Next to an overall score of 8,2, we scored high on some important topics, such as:

Creativity: 9,0

Functioning as a sparring partner: 8,3

Function as a business accelerator: 8,0

Commitment and service: 8,67

Proactivity: 8,33


We are proudest of our scores on creativity, functioning as a sparring partner, and functioning as a business accelerator. We have worked exceptionally hard on those last two in the past years.


The research, how does it work?

The FONK150 list, also known as the agency list of the year, is filled with agencies rated on performance and client satisfaction. The research is done by the editorial team of FONK, meaning a specialized, external research organization conducts this in an objective manner. Different criteria are listed, like openly daring to implement change, a leading customer list, visible and passionate entrepreneurship, and positive visibility in the media. If it’s up to us, the scores that come out of this research give us a benchmark indication of where DotControl stands compared to the other digital agencies in the market.


But why do we care so much?

Our mission to realize a positive future for people, brands, and organizations is infused in the way we collaborate with our clients. The landscape around us changes at a fast pace. That is why we aim to develop future-proof strategies for our clients, creating a positive impact. We do this by combining data, creativity, and technology.


We realize that we can only contribute to a positive future by helping clients. In fact, the happiness of our clients is so important that we use a data-driven approach to measure it. Client happiness is one of the three main indicators (KPIs) of DotControl. We call our three indicators the 8,5/8,5/20% ratio, where the number in the middle is our aim for the client’s happiness. With the results of the FONK150 research, we can pulse on the client happiness KPI. These yearly results are signs that we are improving and are doing great on a lot of important aspects of collaboration with our clients. But we are not there yet…


Next steps toward an even more positive impact

We have received amazing scores this year, but are we there yet? No. Working towards a positive future also involves working on the lower scores that we can improve. For example, we would like to become even more efficient and to make our work even more effective. With a 7,5 on both topics, we are satisfied, but there are still some steps to take to improve this score.

At DotControl we live by the growth mindset – we learn by making mistakes and constantly strive to do better the next time. We see these FONK150 research moments as a perfect way to take a step back and reflect on our work and processes.

Do you want to know what creativity, functioning as a sparring partner, and functioning as a business accelerator means to us? Keep an eye open for our blogs!