Dutch Digital Day '19 - Takeaways that sparked our curiosity

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16 July 2019

Takeaways that sparked our Curiosity during Dutch Digital Day 2019

It's that time of year again - the 5th Dutch Digital Day - The gettogether for the heads, hearts and hands that shape the digital world. For the second year in a row, our digital heroes travelled to Amsterdam to get inspired by the most creative and technical masterminds. We've lined up our most inspiring takeaways from the 5th edition of Dutch Digital Day for you.

Designers are gatekeepers

Every creative has a responsibility in shaping the world the way we would like to live it. And we need to own up to that. Mike Monteiro gave us a glimpse into how the roles and responsibilities of designers have changed. From rebels with a dream to rebels with a cause. He feels that every creative has a clear responsibility in designing the future the way we would like to live it. And, we need to own up to that. 

Some may find his views polarizing. But ethical design starts with a full context. He said, "You will only design things that fit within your own experiences." A designer will only know what questions to ask based on their own experiences. If you've never experienced racism or sexism, you would never think to ask those important questions. Creating more inclusive teams should be on everyone's agenda. 

You’re misusing data

More unethical and irresponsible design was highlighted by Jamie Bartlett when he talked about the Cambridge Analytica Facebook scandal. He urges agencies and advertisers specifically, to think about the way they collect and use personal and behavioural data. Especially as the tech world keeps evolving. People complain more and more about privacy and addiction. Too often we, as designers, deliver addictive commercial products instead of safe products. What should we do about it? Say 'no' more often to unethical and irresponsible decisions according to Jamie Bartlett.  

Ditch your job title 

During the entire day, one clear pattern emerged. Everybody should be a T-shaped creative. Something we admire at our agency. None of the speakers had a specific job title or function. It was always a mix of multiple disciplines merged into something completely unique. Not limited to what they were taught at school. Like tech magician Tom London who experiments with soft- and hardware to create magic. Or Viktoria Modesta turning her physical disadvantage into a creative advantage. By combining art, tech and her own body, she creates an entirely new way of thinking. Melting nature and tech into one single experience. All the while giving meaning to Mike Monteiro’s quote: "We're all designers to varying degrees."

Photographer (header): Remy Sapuletej


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