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Door Rutger | 23 March 2018

When Tim Berners-Lee invented the hyperlink and the world wide web he created, what we now in retrospect call, the Web 1.0. For the first time the world wide web made it possible for people to share, navigate and access information on a global scale.

The second generation of web applications, the so called Web 2.0, focussed on the social we, alllowing people to have social interactions online. In contrast to the decentralised structure of the internet itself, the Web 2.0 eventually centralised power to a few big players, only the largest social networks survive and keep getting bigger.

With the advent of bitcoin and the underlying blockchain network a new era in the internet age has arrived.This age is called the Web 3.0 and has a strong focus on decentralisation. Cutting out the middle man,  while ensuring trust based on transparency. This opens a whole new world of new business models and opportunities. This new paradigm also asks for a new generation of web applications. These so called DApps, short for Decentralised Applications, are powered by smart contracts running on a decentralised blockchain network.

We’re already seeing web 2.0 web apps being replaced by their Web 3.0 counterparts. The decentralised Blockchain allows you to challenge and disrupt centralised major players in your industry. 

Interested in what blockchain could mean for you and your company? Download our free Blockchain whitepaper below (Dutch) or just give us a call.

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