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They say money can’t buy you happiness. But what it can give you is space.

Space to think, to create and to build your business. To get a business loan can be an extremely tiring and complicated process. Plus, the way banks and other parties communicate about it make it even fuzzier. But it doesn’t have to be.

A fresh face in the loan business

Yeaz! is an all-new, fresh-outta-barbershop face is the loan business. They thought the entire approach could be a lot simpler. We agreed. So, we teamed up to create a brand new loan application system. ‘Cause in the end, we are just entrepreneurs talking to entrepreneurs. All Yeaz! wants is to create room for ambitions. All we want is to create. It just clicked. They feel ambitions should grow. When you have the comfort of the knowledge, you don’t have to worry about money.

No machine talking either. We realised Yeaz!’ ambition by creating the first completely digital loan app. iDIN and KvK integrations enable finding out if you are eligible for and how much money you are able to loan. If all is approved the money will be in your account the very next day. And all that without any human interaction, a human being's at least. Yeaz! character is notable through the whole experience. So, no waiting or other stress factors. You might think, where’s the catch? But there isn’t any.

Meet Henk

Being a new player in the field requires a distinct way to communicate clearly, sound human and look trustworthy. We choose a unicorn. Why not? That’s how Henk was born. Henk is pretty cool, and he knows his business.

Yeaz! thrives on transparency and empathy. No fine print, no missed disclaimers. Hence a visual identity that’s human and organic. Flaws are embraced, not removed. Knowledge is shared with the audience through blogs and character through Henk.

Online Campaign

Yeaz! is very social, so is their audience. Not like your usual oofy loan corporate. That’s why we helped them create their first social media ads. Using data to gather intel about who their audience really is, allowed us to communicate with them based on their personal needs.

So, to wrap it up...

Yeaz! is a very special project for DotControl. We're very proud that we can work together to make changes in the financial world so smaller companies can reach their ambitions. It takes guts and you have to be bold in some way to change the world a bit. And Yeaz! definitely is a brave and bold company! As DotControl we're able to help them create their business, their brand, their tone of voice. A great honour and an exciting journey. Which continues, so stay tuned!

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