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VARO EnergyVARO Energy

VARO Energy supplies high-quality fuel products for everyday use. Operating in a field with large and dominating competitors like Shell, BP and Exxon can be quite challenging as a relatively small fuel supplier. And that’s exactly where VARO distinguish, b



Colouring energy

The visual identity of VARO Energy is vibrant, dynamic and breathes optimism and has a visionary look. It sets them apart from the competition by embracing their cultural values and being the disruptive ‘new kid on the block’ with a grown-up attitude.


The nitty gritty of it

Their accessible, honest and trustworthy approach asked for a digital translation that is built on a dynamic visual identity which is established on their core values. VARO’s main visual element is based upon a custom grid of polygons which we’ve translated into a digital enrichment where the polygons are brought to life and it vibrates VARO’s essence through all kind of screens and browsers.


Some facts

Since VARO opens new locations quite frequently, it was vital to have an environment where they could publish their press releases. Therefore we’ve developed an intuitive and content-driven news environment within the platform.

In order to publish any type of content in a flexible manner which is also able to maintain the user’s interest, we’ve set-up ‘extended modules’ within the CMS. This allows VARO to mix & match their own types of content pages that are not only functional but also esthetically pleasing for the eye. Also, we’ve integrated a complete measurement plan and system which tracks the user’s behavior and collects indispensable data for future developments.

In addition to the website, we’ve integrated a recruitment portal that’s aligned with the website and allows VARO’s HR department to separate the wheat from the chaff, quick and easy.  


Through every aspect of research, design and development we’ve made sure that every single bit of creation enhanced the digital experience of the brand and sets VARO apart as a serious and challenging player from the competition.

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