Sena, client since 2015Sena, client since 2015

A life without music is something we couldn’t imagine. Music is everywhere around us and music makes the difference!

Artists, musicians and producers are using their talents so that we can enjoy music daily. This is what their profession and if their music is being used they should be paid accordingly. Sena is the leading organization in The Netherlands that handles all regulation regarding music licensing. We helped Sena with developing an online platform that informs and activates their target audiences.

Initial assignment

The way we consume music has been changed drastically over the years. This results in a change in the way we are informed about musicians and their works. Sena wanted a new way of approaching their target group and communicating this change.

4 Digital Heroes

4 Digital Heroes

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189 User Stories

189 User Stories

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Who doesn’t love donuts?

Solution & Execution

Together with our partner Rockboost we optimized the users funnel. By segmenting the incoming visitors, the platform is able to cater user-specific content. By doing this, visitors aren’t bombarded with content they’re not waiting for.

We also dynamically linked the content on the portal, making sure that visitors are being guided based on the content they’re looking for it. This way visitors can guide quickly and intuitive through the website. Mission accomplished if you ask us!


We’ve always been well informed regarding the status of the project. The communication of DotControl was very strong and it was always clear to us with whom we had to communicate. During the process we’ve been guided from beginning to end.

- Mascha Felix // Medewerker Communicatie sena

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