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A picture is worth a thousand words

Known for its phenomenal photography and amazing content about nature National Geographic is the place we go to feast our eyes on the most beautiful nature shots. But National Geographic thinks we could all be more aware of all the beauty the world has to offer. That’s why, every year, they organize a huge photo contest where everyone can share their love for photography. And when we say everyone, we mean EVERYone. They challenged both amateurs and professionals to give them their best picture. They could upload their best photos in three categories: Animal, landscape and people. And the big prize? For your picture to be featured in National Geographic magazine. Something every passionate photographer is hoping for.

This years contest National Geographic asked us to deliver a new interactive website, improving the usability, scalability, accessibility. We designed a place where you could really feel the grandeur a good shot has and deserves.

So, the basic:

Participants can submit their photos in the categories: animal, landscape and people. The contest has 3 phases: submission, voting and presentation. Before any picture is uploaded online it will go through a board of editors to be reviewed. The winner with the most astonishing picture is announced and awarded with a spread in National Geographic magazine.  

Exif Metadata

Now, the good stuff: We gathered exif metadata about the pictures so visitors could get extra information about the pictures like what type of camera was used to make the picture and even the ISO. This way we could give the amateur photographer's a chance to gain more insight in how the more experienced people get those amazing images.


National Geographic challenged us to create a platform that is user-friendly and that creates more editorial space to be relevant to photo enthusiasts even after the election. We wanted to create a space where amateurs and professionals could come together to share their love for photography, get inspired and learn from each others work. Personally, we think we did a pretty good job.

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