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A Life on Mars

National Geographic, client since 2016National Geographic, client since 2016

Is there any sign of life on Mars? The mystery revolving the planet keeps us all busy. In the new documented tv-series ‘Mars’, National Geographic takes you on a cosmic journey for answers.

National Geographic is known for bringing intriguing and compelling stories that speaks to your imagination. They’ve been able to do this by collaborating with respected and credited scientists, photographers, filmmakers and journalists. And what speaks more to the imagination than Mars? For the launch of the new National Geographic tv-series ‘Mars’ we’ve developed a next level, tune-in campaign that takes you on a cosmic ride for long sought answers to the mysteries of this planet. Galactic!

next level experience

Our client wanted an interactive campaign site to announce the new tv-series. We put our ‘Technically Awesome’ principle to the test and challenged ourselves to go to the next-level. This resulted in an interactive digital experience that has been precisely developed and designed —even in the details.

With the airing of the new series nearing, it was important for the viewers to be immersed into a digital cosmic journey. From scientific articles to a live-stream of the ExoMars mission with the landing of the Schiaparelli rover on Mars.


A cosmic journey

The cosmos deserves an equal-like immersive experience. During the development of of the tune-in campaign of the National Geographic tv-series ‘Mars’, the focus lied heavily on the cosmic experience. By adding ambient sounds and interactive visuals, we were able to bring the magic of our Galaxy closer than ever. Making for an awesome digital experience with a #technicallyawesome experience as result! 

DotControl was able to deliver a beautiful and creative concept within just 7 days, the following weeks were dedicated to expansion and optimization. Showing that they aren’t just creative, but also effective and flexible.

- Maurits de Geus // Digital Product Manager - FOX NETWORK GROUP

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