Medical Delta

Medical Delta, client since 2015Medical Delta, client since 2015

Medical Delta brings her vast network, knowledge and experience together to shake up and innovate the medical world.

Medical Delta is known for bringing together different kind of expertises in de medical sector. Their top goal is to improve the life quality of everyone. By putting up such a huge and important statement, it should be accompanied with a powerful platform on the same level. A platform that breathes knowledge and innovation.

DotControl was requested to conceptualize, develop and implement a brand new platform that matches the strong core values that Medical Delta represents.


Initial assignment

Medical Delta serves as a central point where ‘life sciences, health & technology’ come together to bring about innovation. It was very important  for Medical Delta to realize a platform in which these crucial disciplines were highlighted. It was also very important that the platform would provide the ability to share and unite knowledge by connecting medical professionals. Because innovation never happens with one person! That’s why the knowledge had to be segmented in the forms of news messages and knowledge in the form of events.

5 Digital Heroes

5 Digital Heroes

Worked on this project

92 User Stories

92 User Stories

Have been completed and implemented

24 DC Donuts devoured

24 DC Donuts devoured

Who doesn’t love donuts?

Solution & Execution

With the realization of the renewed website, we didn’t lose sight of what makes Medical Delta special.
The powerful identity has been incorporated in recognizable, playful and progressive style-elements

without discrediting the powerful message of Medical Delta. Namely the improvement of human life! This resulted in an fresh, modern and unique platform where innovation is key in the medical world.

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