Gladskin, a brand of Micreos Human Health who specializes in the development of antibacterial products for human health. Products that are scientifically proven to help people with skin problems such as acne, eczema, rosacea or other irritations.

In an overcrowded market, it’s always a challenge to stand out from other competitors who have a similar promise. However, Gladskin products are the only ones that contain their groundbreaking and patented Staphefekt™ technology which has proved to be a possible solution for skin problems.

The brand familiarity skyrocketed after BBC2 broadcasted Gladskin’s ‘Trust me I am a doctor’. The online demand became immense. So, since their previous webshop didn’t meet their user’s expectations anymore we designed and developed a new NopCommerce based e-commerce platform which could help them grow their online sales.

Perfection in imperfection

During the design process, it was crucial to create and maintain a balance between offering a medically approved product and a cosmetic solution. By integrating the equity of those two contrasting characteristics we’ve made sure that the design of Gladskin’s new e-commerce platform gives their users a sense of reliability and confidence in offering their solution as their last resort. 

This has been accomplished by a bright and subtle colour scheme and an interface that breathes purity and embraces the perfection in imperfection. All products have their own arching colour which also relates to the actual packaging of the products, to make a clear distinction between the product applications. 


The proof is in the pudding

After analyzing the user data of Gladskin’s previous website it became clear that users were searching for social proof. basically, they just needed to know what others thought about the product. But for Gladskin it’s also important to provide transparency in the effectiveness of their products. That's why we’ve implemented honest reviews of actual people throughout the entire interface to ensure users in making the right decision. 
So, by implementing a better online shopping experience en incorporating honest reviews we created an environment that is clear and feels trustworthy. All the while giving Gladskin the opportunity to grow their online sales.

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