Eredivisie, client since 2013Eredivisie, client since 2013

GOAL! DotControl has developed and designed a new website for the Eredivisie. In cooperation with studio Dog & Pony─ who created the new branding for the Eredivisie─ DotControl designed a website that aligns with the renewed proposition.

Our team of creative designers and developers worked hard to instill the website with responsive and smart features. Making it a unique experience for every football fan.

Made in the Eredivisie

Our football league, the Eredivisie, has been a talent pool for many years. All-time greats such as Sneijder, Kuyt, Ronaldo and Ibrahimovic started their careers in the Eredivisie.

This is where they started their journeys and became what they are today. Knowing this, Dog & Pony created the conceptual theme 'Made in the Eredivisie'.

Some facts

669             Jira issues

2.5MB         avarage page size (loaded in less then 1 sec)

33.708        XML files (Opta data, club info, player info, matches info from multiple years)

8903           lines of uncompiled CSS (1.17MB)

2                 lines of compiled CSS (0.19MB)

Always in the loop

To prove the 'Made in the Eredivsie' claim the website has been strengthened with all the statistical data. Total minutes played, succesful attacks and dribbles, fouls, shots on target, assists, live results, match rounds and much more! The football fans are now always in the loop on the latest statistics of their favourite clubs and players.

The website has been adaptively developed, making the experience optimal on every device. Digitally there's nothing standing in the way to make this an awesome football season!

Eredivisie logo: By Dog and Pony Amsterdam

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