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Brand New DayBrand New Day

Caring about your finances. that's what Brand New Day does. with a broad range of financial products for private and business customers, brand new day helps its customers to ensure their financial future

Instead of talking gibberish, Brand New Day communicates informally. Making a change in the financial world by making the complicated understandable and eliminating the fine prints. The new brand offered Brand New Day the opportunity to present themselves digitally in a distinctive manner that communicates the same language as their customers.

To measure is to know

The user data of their previous website showed that users needed a lot of in-depth information before they make a decision in purchasing a product. This means that either the provided information is too complicated or that it concerns decisions that customers most likely don't want to make more than once and that they need to be assured that they are making the right decision.

With that knowledge in mind, we created not only a new website but also an overall experience that taps into the fundamental needs of Brand New Day's customers. Users can now find in-depth information quite quickly and understandably while they also gain more confidence in making the right choices.

a brand new design

Through a clear and optimistic interface, information is transferred transparently and leaves a sense of trust. We've addressed Brand New Day's personal and customer-oriented approach in all used visual elements, from the choice of typography to the colour palette and softness in the used shapes.

A huge part of making the complicated understandable was not only in the implementation of the website's design and development but also in the imagery. Through the images, we created almost somewhat estranged situations that respond to daily situations that users recognize. By using these everyday situations that are very recognizable, it was essential to tap into deeper emotions by implementing the feeling of assurance and unburdening. Throughout the creation, we've made sure that we've met these requirements from the initial concepts to the actual postproduction of the imagery.


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