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Jamie’s Super Food

24Kitchen, client since 201624Kitchen, client since 2016

24Kitchen is thé food network that wrestles with your tastebuds by offering inspiring programs 24/7. It broadcasts everything related to ‘food’ with a strong focus on eating healthy, showcasing that eating fresh and healthy isn’t something difficult to do

With a loyal fanbase, it was time to surprise and reward the fanbase with a unique giveaway. We developed the 24Kitchen: Jamie’s Superfood giveaway. We made sure that the giveaway wasn’t also highly deliciously looking, but also effective. Making sure that the giveaway would provide for relevant and useful data, focusing on qualitative leads.

From followers to fans

Since the start of 24Kitchen in 2011, the network has gathered quite an impressive fanbase of ‘food lovers’. But are these loyal food lovers actually involved with the development of the platform and is it possible to update the gathered data of these visitors?

Yes, it is! Our Growth Hacking partner RockBoost were able to give us a clear and tactical strategy for us to realize the giveaway. A giveaway that tasted like more! 

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6 Digital Heroes

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128 User Stories

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Who doesn't love donuts?

Conversion = desire - friction

When you’re requesting something of your audience, you should always be able to give something back. Sounds pretty logical right? So that explains why the ‘food lovers’ were able to win a hand-signed Jamie Oliver cookbook. A real collectors item for a true ‘food lover’. But how far are you , as a visitor,  willing  to go for a signed copy?

Our main goal was to keep the giveaway easy accessible and still be able to gain significant qualitative data. With this data we are able to conceptualize and implement more appealing and relatable products and giveaways for the target audience. We accepted this challenge and we were able to develop an interactive launch page. This proved to be quite successful!


Data-driven design

In collaboration with Rockboost we were able to implement data analytics, heatmapping and user recordings to make  ‘breaking points’ visible. This way it was possible to continuously optimize the giveaway and crush the set targets of 24Kitchen! Other than being easy accessible for everyone it was also one of our primary goals to translate the visual brand identity of 24Kitchen within every pixel!


Data never lies

In the set period of 10 days, the giveaway attracted  thousands visitors with a stunning interaction percentage of 82%. Other than a very successful giveaway, we were able to attract new ‘food lovers’ to the brand of 24Kitchen. We can’t wait to cook up a brand new campaign!

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